Animal Updates


Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2011

bonita is well settled in her new home...she seems to have made herself right at home.


i called and checked on molly2...she is a bit stressed but brandon is confident that she will soon settle and fit in well.

i keep forgetting to mention that chester went home with renee's sister as a permanent foster....he has been a good match for them.

wilma will be going into permanent foster care with zoe2..she will probably be going sometime this week.

oliver the new diabetic is here...and he not only is very upset..but he is also a massive sized cat...he has to be pushing well over 20 pounds..he is even bigger than scrappy!

the new old dog from the north, i think is finally arriving this week...he has been trying to get here since before christmas. he doesn't have a name yet, the shelter did not name him.. if nicole can copy his picture from brindle maybe we can all think of a name for him before he actually arrives.

this next (and i hope final) round of surgeries booked for her tumour removals and tina fey for her hernia repair...monty goes in this week for a steriod injection and then in 2 weeks for full mouth dental extractions...i really do not want to do this but the vet thinks it is the only way to hopefully help him forever conquer his mouth pain. buffy...a permanent foster dog, goes in this week for her specialized surgery to restore the sight in one of her eyes. suture removals due from last weeks surgeries are tucker, cali, and hilda.

the new dog will probably need that mass removed off his nose and there is one more very senior dog at risk possibly coming in...there is a senior diabetic cat also possibly waiting in the wings. i think we have taken in close to 20 animals since is is even more overwhelming how many times in the past couple of weeks i have out and out just said... no.

we do not have unlimited resources...we do not have unlimited space...and i personally do not have unlimited time and energy to care for all of them...people are forever telling me how difficult it is to care for the ones that they have..i think they have no conception of what it is to care for and be responsible for this many senior and special needs.
i am totally boggled by the very real and actual numbers of desperate senior animals floating around out there and how few options there actually are.

the extremists are right..human beings should not be allowed to have animals...we simply are not evolved enough to follow thru and be responsible.

when the going gets tough...people dump their animals.

and this animal dumping ground is pretty damn full.


Carol Ann

lucky you Zoe 2 Sugar (wilma) is a beautiful loving dog. Enjoy each other. :)


Yes, SUGAR! Muahahaha... let's not rub it in now though, in case Carol makes me a deal that she can only come live with me if I keep her name Wilma! Haha ;) I must say, I'm not used to being the 2nd Zoe, I kind of like it! I've never needed a last initial or anything, I've always been the only one!

I can only imagine how overwhelming running SAINTS must be with the number of homeless animals trying to get in... I get so overwhelmed just thinking about it let alone seeing it first hand every single day... if only every one understood that animals are life-long members of your family, that you stand by them no matter what, that you don't toss them out when they "inconvenience" you... if everyone spayed and neutered their pets and there were no more homeless animals.. that's a world I want to live in! But for now, thank god we have people like Carol and all of you that can make the lives of a special few so much better!!


yeh bonita, sugar lol. and molly 2. such good dogs. glad you all found a home. i am very sorry jenn for your cat hope all goes well, for your cat tammy and for jenny who is really sweet. it sucks.


Screech stares at people too when in the car. Must be the American staff part of her.


harvey was 21 pounds when i got him and i've only been able to get him down to 19!
also update on my new dork, the Am Bulldog X that came up from Ace of Hearts. Taz was her original name, but I thought it was too harsh for such a sweet little girl. But then her less than darling personality kept coming shining through with her trying to eat Shrek and Fiona when they were closer to me and also at random moments. So she got to keep her less than soft name of Taz (I was trying to name her Maggie, Lucy...but none of them stayed).
Anyways she's doing good. She is very creepy and knows when Jenny is going to have a seizure. She also stares, and I mean really stares, at people in their cars while we are stopped at a light. She's an odd little critter, but is finally settling (somewhat!).

Ann C

Looks like Bonita has become a bed buddy! Way to go Bonita you have a great home.


Is Oliver bigger than Nudge?? She was a whopping 20 pounds when she came from SAINTS and I have never been able to get her below 17. She has been 18 ounds now for at least a couple of years.

Mauro Salles

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