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not a great day in the land of the saints....

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2011

i just talked to nicole and jenny had 2 seizures in the past 24 hours.

daisy-fae who is still with my family is seriously ill and in at the vets.

and ginger who has been with tammy for the past couple of years may be ending her life today.

just a little bit about these wonderful animals who came thru our doors.

jenny came up from LA last march...a plain little black lab with a diagnosis of end stage liver disease and an almost constant head tremor. we expected jenny to die within a few weeks...but jenny had her own ideas on this. she rallied here and her head tremors decreased to infrequent...she really enjoyed living here, especially the forays down to the bottom field and unlimited cookie treats. when nicole asked to take her home..i was hestitant. i really did not want to rock her boat with a move when she was doing well and well settled here. but nicole is such an awesome home i decided to take the risk. jenny has had a lot of fun, the best of care and a ton of love....jenny found the home of her dreams.
she had a tough time around xmas time but she is a strong dog and she rallied. nicole is really hoping these were just isolated, random seizures and it doesn't mean anything too serious right now.


ginger came into saints as a totally traumatized cat...she was hiding constantly in her original home and she continued to hide constantly here. i think we had her for at least two weeks before i discovered she was a partial manx cat with only a 2 inch tail. tammy felt so sorry for this unhappy and frightened little cat so she took her home and lavished her with tammy's unique form of totally spoiling cats. cats in tammy's care have beds in pretty much every single place that they ever think to lie down. she will follow a favorite but discontinued food of theirs right across the border and bring it home. ginger probably for the first time in her life had a person who dedicated herself to helping ginger find comfort and happiness. i believe she is 18 yrs old now and all i know for sure is that when ginger thinks of her wonderful life, her memories are full of the care and love that filled her last couple of years.


daisy-fae came in many years ago...before i started saints, before i started katies place. she was a foster cat for another rescue i volunteered for..i think it had to be way back in 1998. daisy was a young cat who had been hit by a car and she suffered neurological damage. at first she couldn't walk at all and then when she finally could walk...she often walked a few steps and then did a full took a few months to fully regain her balance but daisy was a strong and determined cat.

when i started KP..i moved her from her a SANS foster to a KP foster and when i started saints i moved her from a kp foster to a saints foster and that is how she stayed. when we moved to the first saints site, i decided to leave 3 of the cats with my family...none of them liked living with a ton of other cats so this for them all seemed right.

so daisy stayed with my family as a saints permanent foster..brian and jenn fed her, cared for her and made sure she had all of the love in the world. i kept an eye on her whenever there were any concerns and made sure she had all of the correct and appropriate medical care she deserved.

daisy is a very special cat...she likes to visit the neighbors, she has her in and out and time to go hunting routine. but most of all she just loved being up close and in the arms of her family.
she has the softest fur..she has always felt like she was part chinchilla and she never ever shed! she has the unique ability when in someones arms to make all of her bones melt away and disappear....she is just that kind of thru and thru very soft cat.

i talked to the vet doesn't look good. she was in a couple of weeks ago for being unwell and nothing showed up on the exam or bloodwork. today they did a chest xray cuz she has lost even more weight and her breathing is much too fast. her ,lungs are filled with fluid and it looks like the xrays are showing a large pleural mass. they are giving her lasix today to move that fluid out and will be repeatuing the xrays tomorrow and hopefully have a better view of what is going on.

jenn was already in tears when i called her and brian is pretty upset too..they both know that none of this for daisy is very good news.

i have been gone for 6 years now and they have in my absence loved daisy, every minute of every day...and daisy loved them just as much.


so fingers crossed for all of the saints (and their caregivers) who don't actually live here...but tonight especially for jenny and ginger and daisy fae...they all need all of our positive energy and loving thoughts on this very difficult day.



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So sorry to hear all this... hoping for you all... positive thoughts sent your way...


her liver is actually doing ok. the high values were due to uncontrolled cushings. we're leaning towards a brain tumor or seizures related to her chronically high blood pressure (also due to her cushings) which isn't responding to medication. for now, she is happy so i am happy.


Nicole -
We just lost our girl with end stage liver disease. She was rx as "end stage" and lived 4 and half years more with diet, supplements and meds. It can be done -dont give up!

Carol Ann

So sorry for all of you. It is so sad when you have to say that last goodbye and I love you.


I am so pleased that all of you have wonderful caring people to carry you through your golden years, which means with them they are golden, may all get together t the rainbow bridge


Ugg sometimes it is useful to not have a computer at home... really sad to read that 3 of our SAINTS caregivers are facing the possibilty of saying good-bye..It truly doesn't matter how many times you go through losing a loved one.. it is difficult & confusing. My thoughts are with you all & if it is time for Ginger, Jenny2 & Daisy-Fae , may the journey be swift & short & love will lead them to join the others at the bridge . Nothing but pawsitive vibes coming to them today & tomorrow & the day after that & the next day after that and so on & so on & so on .



All fingers and toes firmly crossed Tammy, Jenn, Nicole. Take care of yourselves and keep hoping.


That's a lot of sad news in one post. Sometimes I second guess but sometimes I don't even have the time to second guess (Molson had a blood clot and was dead within 30 minutes). I've lost 4 cats in three years. Two within the last six months, one of them suddenly. I trust my gut and my vet. Tammy you will make the right choice. Nicole, you will be there for Jenny and so will your friends at Animal Emerg. they are a great bunch. Daisy Fae has a whole Hine family in her corner helping her. Me and my existing misfit bunch will be thinking of all of you. Well, actually Nudge only thinks about food so it will just be the rest of us thinking and sending positive energy and loving thoughts.


I hope ginger and jenny have some more time I really do. Every moment is precious when there are few left. Hugs to you both too.


That really should read, "nicole is pretending they are isolated but not really serious...but she knows better."
Hugs to you Tammy and Jenn.


Sorry to hear about Jenny and Daisy fae, its a hard time all around. Not the best start to a new year.
The last couple of days have been good for Ginger, so I've decided to take it one day at a time. Making the decision is never easy, and I always second guess myself. I just don't want to screw this up for her.