Rescue Journal

noelle is here...

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2011

she is not a PB..she is a senior rotti cross..but she is really lovely. she is a bit worried about this crazy place she has landed in and where has her family gone? i am pretty sure she thinks she was kidnapped and sent to old doggy hell. hopefully she will find some happiness and contentment the mean time she is keeping a low profile and has taken over jelly beans bed. jelly is cool with it cuz it means she gets to wander around but i will have to pull noelle out of there before jelly starts thinking about food.

phoebe wanted out of the zen den when i got home..that was fine, out she came. what really impressed me was when she wanted back in cuz she is in a bad mood. so instead of jumping some poor innocent, she went straight to her zen den door and turned around to look at me...and snarled..let me freaking back in!
you got it babe...good dog!

wilma went home with zoe 2 today and olivia went home with there is 2 saints tonight embarking on a new and more normal kind of life...hooray for them (and me!)

grrrhhh..lucky did not eat her breakfast this morning but laura gave her a denta bone and some cookies later and she did eat those...tonight she did not eat her dinner either...and now i am freaking worried. lucky does not EVER turn down her food. how long ago was her last crises when she was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and the stomach? was it 3 or 4 months ago or longer? i just cannot actually remember. she has done so very well...and it looked like she was going to stay well forever.


it has taken me a long time to learn that rescue is not about happy endings. it is about coming home late after a busy day at work to a pile of pissy laundry literally higher than your head. it is about new dogs coming in worried and broken hearted...or even sadder if you ask matted and dirty dogs like shane who are pretty damn happy and think saints is just great.

it is about poking the diabetics when you really just want to skip the whole frantic feeding and med thing altogether for just ONE is remembering first thing this morning that SHIT....i forgot that new diabetic cat oliver's insulin last night!!! (he just has not worked himself into my diabetic routine yet.)

it is about freaking out cuz sometimes the house smells pretty gross and then going on a totally obsessed pee hunt to find the offending odor.

happy endings are great..but if that is all there is to this rescue then if you ask me...that ain't very much at all. it is the down and dirty day after day drudgery that actually defines it all....hey...we will do the easy stuff and we will do the incredibly hard and heroic....but it is the in the middle, mindless, repetitive, drivel stuff that says who we actually are.

saints is hardworking, saints is committed, we not only talk the talk but we walk the freaking talk too...but man if i had one wish would be to turn my back on that pissy pile of laundry behind me and pretend it just wasn't there....(the washer is not wringing stuff out very well and the dryer is not drying so great anymore is taking a very long time to push laundry thru these is probably time again for new machines...i am sure that last new washer has now hit at least 6 or 8 months old...and a million and a half laundry loads!)

(not to worry sunday folks..i will not leave it for you...some wishes are not right to wish for and should never come you are just going to find more dirty and pissy stuff tomorrow and we don't need a pile that expontentially grew!)


Linda de J.

Sorry I couldn't make it out to help with laundry at Saints today - had to stay home with a bad cold which makes me feel really guilty cause I know a certain person living at Saints who can never stay in bed to nurse a cold. Anyway, I'm feeling better today so see you when I'm next scheduled to volunteer.


Thanks for the update Zoe, Yeah Sugar!

Mom, I think Lucky just dislikes that weird looking food you are trying to feed her. It looks like children's play blocks not doggie kibble. Try something else.


Just wanted to let everyone know Sugar has made herself right at home her first night and is doing great... my dog Missy and her have quickly become best friends, Missy has graciously welcomed her into our home, except she hid all of her favorite toys... I guess she isn't ready to share those just yet. I put a bell on Missy's collar so Sugar can hear where she is around the house. The cats don't seem to have much of an opinion either way.

We all stayed in tonight lazing around on the couches, Sugar on her comfy new bed, but then she decided she would rather lay on top of me on the couch, man is she heavy! So now we are all cuddled up on the couch, Sugar on one side, Missy on the other.. one big happy family.

Earlier we did a tour, I walked her around the house showing her the best paths to take... she can now find the water dish and her bed on her own (pretty much)! Fast learner! When we first got home, she took a huge pee followed by the biggest/smelliest/runniest.. well I'll let you guess the rest. Haha not gunna lie it was pretty gross. But I've been letting her out almost on the hour and I honestly think she is going to get the hang of it. No accidents since and she even barked near the door before she had to take a big pee... I fully expected for her to never improve her bathroom skills but I truly think she is going to and that is fine by me too! She seems totally comfortable and getting accustomed to everything so quickly and easily. She's been here less than 8 hours and it feels like she's always been here. Yay Sugar!