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2 out and 3 in

Jenn  ·  Jan. 23, 2011

That is how the numbers here slowly creep up every year. 2 wonderful and lucky animals went home yesterday to their new forever homes where they will be adored and loved.

Wilma, now re-named to Sugar went home with one of the volunteers, Zoe. Zoe previously had a diabetic cat and is no stranger to giving insulin. Zoe and her mom Karen have done everything they can to make sure Sugar feels safe in her new home.


Olvia went home with Tammy where she will be spoiled more than I can even imagine. She really is a very sweet cat.


In came Shane, Noel and Oliver.

When the volunteers arrived Saturday morning most of them reach out to pet Shane and said "Hi Maud ..." and then paused, laughed and said "Oh you're not Maud!" He really does look very much like her and is a very sweet dog that has already made himself quite at home here.


Noel is, as Nicole said a heartbreaking story--losing a loving home after 13 years is just so sad. But given time Noel will be happy here. We already know she loves brushing but I don't think she likes the peanut butter pirate cookies because she did not eat the one I gave her and so gave it to Jelly.


Oliver is a big boy, He is young, diabetic and kinda pissed right now about being here. He is in a cage in the back cat area and emitting low growls. But when I approached the cage he stopped growling and let me pet him. The marking on his face are incredible--it looks like he has a goatee and mustache. I think we should call him Sir Oliver! Because he wants to feel distinguished.


And there are many. many more special SAINTS animals that would love to be spoiled. For more information about adopting visit here:

If you are unable to adopt an animal please consider sponsoring an animal:



YESSSsssss! That is such great news and will greatly appease the vets who have so graciously allowed SAINTS rack up ridiculous bills over the year to pay for caring for these crippled animals!


Since it is 2 out 3 in I was very glad to see it is now official on the Pepsi Refresh web site that Saints is a GRANT RECIPIENT.......woooooohoooooo!!!!!

Carol Ann

they are all so wonderful, and beautiful. I'm happy for Zoe and Sugar and Tammy and Olivia. And may peace reign in the house Jelly bean. Such a silly dog.


Or a Kitler. Check out Cats that look like Hitler on the website: