Rescue Journal

i saw a cartoon once with a toddler following her mom around while she folded laundry, scrubbed the floor, made breakfast, dinner and lunch.....all day long the babe talked to her mom

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2011

blah, bah, blob, bah, blah......when dad got home in the evening, he asked how mom's day went...she opened her mouth and looked stunned when all that came out was blah,bah, blob, bah, blah.....

sometimes i feel like that around here too.

because all of our horses like each other and also like to groom one another..the staph infection from czar's face, has now spread to gideon and today onto lahanie....oh yay. i talked options with the vet and he explained that really with skin issues the topical antibiotic ointment meds are our best bet...but the nurse in me says..ok fine but how are we going to keep up with the spreading as they pass it around all over each other?
it is a good point.
so the vet has agreed to let us give oral meds at the same time as the ointment meds as a prophylactic measure to halt any new lesions from popping out while we heal the existing lesions. i had wanted long term antibiotic injections but when we talked bout the risks from the appropriate one..i decided he was right and that was not the best way to go so we settled on the oral med route instead.

gilbert has a foot abcess so i will have to pick up some iodine tomorrow for daily foot soaks for him..he did get an antibiotic injection so at least we don't have to continue to medicate him with daily antibiotics which is good.
wilbur will need his tusk trimmed soon but it is not growing into his face yet so we have a bit of time to plan around this.

ziggy has pneumonia again..the lung abcesses are once again totally screwing up that poor babe's chest...the vet said our options are try to treat him or put him down...i opted for treatment. we are going to put him on bronchodilators and long term antibiotic therapy. he took a culture swab from his nose to see what kind of bacteria he is fighting so it will be a day or two before they chose the appropriate antibiotic for him so we can get him started.

a lady stopped by just as i was on the phone with the vet...wanting to drop off her peeing 14 yr old cat. i said the cat had to go into the vet and be checked for diabetes, kidney disease and a urinary tract infection. she said she was checked over by the vet 2 years ago when she had a similar problem before and nothing was found. i said 2 years is a long time ago and things can change..the cat needs to see a vet before any final decisions are made.

if that cat is suddenly in end stage kidney failure..if they are going to get rid of her no matter what, they should probably be looking at euthanization as the kindest option for a senior palliative cat...she does not want her world turned upside down at the very end of her life. if the cat just has a bladder infection then simple antibiotics might just clear the whole problem up. if the cat is healthy maybe they can look at other issues, like maybe pain as a problem or anxiety and come up with a better solution then leaving the poor cat here.

sigh..i hear this kind of story, over and over again, year after year..i can probably just tell their whole story for them, i know it so well.

i bet i hear about this cat again...sigh...blah, bah, blob, blah, brain is turning to repetitive mush...seriously...oh. yay.

on a good note...shane and noelle's coats are starting to look shiny..... this is a real happy... yay!



please tell Ziggy that Auntie Suzanne sends limitless hugs,copious good thoughts and zillions of prayers.