Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2011

mystic did ok at her vet appointment...basically we will have to see how progressive is her kidney disease.
oliver had his insulin increased...his blood sugars were still over 20.
granny is booked in at the vets for drop off tomorrow first thing in the morning.

mini me did ok with her surgery but they had to take the entire mammary chain so she has a long incision from stem to stern. the tumours will be sent off for pathology and we will see what they are. she can come home tomorrow.
tina-fey had her surgery was a very large hernia repair and she did well with it. she also will come home tomorrow.
and both tina-fey and mini-me will be on post op cage rest for about a week.
lucky is starting with liquid diarrhea again..i have some meds to start tonight.

gilbert is confined to a dry stall for the rest of the week and is getting his iodine foot soaks (he will need them this weekend too please)
all three horses have been started on their new meds. (mo... FYI...they are only getting the oral stuff at night but the cream is still am/pm)
ziggy is doing ok...he has no idea he is with the good weather he was charging around like a maniac according to dionne (cuz i didn't get out there to see him.)

the very sad news today is...

nicole has lost her jenny. she had three large seizures today and nicole to protect her from what was coming decided to help her to go. rest in peace jenny and bigs hugs to gave her a happy and filled with love home....not a bad ending for an old and very sick, death row dog from LA.



Ian Mary

Hi Laura;

Your 'little Lola' is doing great! She likes to harass Rosie (a 70 lb Shepherd X) by constantly barking at her often for no apparent reason. What an affectionate little dog Lola is. She will only sleep under a blanket, preferably snuggled beside Mary. I wonder if she thinks Mary is Carol!


Doh !

I had a sense when I was writing that something wasn't quite right...I guess they really never leave us.


thank you everyone for your kind words.i miss my little jingle bells.
mo, carley passed last june. don't worry, i have a hard time keeping track aswell and i live with them but i'll give taz a hug for you instead!


Ah Nicole , I can imagine the empty spot left behind by Jenny , she was a very lucky girl to be able to go & hang on your couch & seep into your heart. I can picture her sweet innocent looking face & the way she used to hold herself as she walked on the field runs.

Sorry for your loss & give Shrek & Fiona & Carley extra hugs & kisses for a while to help fill the gap.


Hi Ian and is our little Lola glad she also found a great home.

Ian Mary

You have such a big heart Nicole. We also adopted a death row dog from LA (Lola, who looks a bit like Jenny) a few months back who I think came up with Jenny. Like you, it makes us happy to bring some joy and love to a sweet old gal. Your next dog will be very lucky indeed!


Jenny was a sweetheart - So are you Nicole. So sorry; but happy to know Jenny had these last months with you.

Carol Ann

So sorry Nicole, i just met Jenny on sat, she was so sweet. Good job looking after her till the end. :(


))Hugs(( to you Nicole. I remember the first night Jenny came to Saints....those eyes were so vacant, she didnt look like she would be with us long....but with love and great care Jenny proved me wrong. Im so glad thanks to Carol and Nicole that an old wrecked girl from L.A. got to experience so much love and a place to call home...


so sorry Nicole. Jenny was so lucky to have had you. Thank you for bringing her with you saturday it was good to see you and give her a kiss on her big head :)


really what a great ending to her life. to love and be loved and forever remembered what more could jenny ask for. hugs to you nicole you always come through for the forgotten ones it is so hard but so worthwhile. just to give them a little love happiness and comfort and that feeling of belonging makes it so worthwhile keep on doing what you do best there are many more animals out there longing for love. jenny you were one of the lucky ones. rest easy be happy.