Rescue Journal

heads up...

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2011

lucky is really not well. she is in the middle of some pretty horrible diarrhea expolsions and last night i noticed her breathing is getting a bit faster and she is getting weaker and not able to go even out to pee without sinking down to the ground. it may just be a bump in her palliative road or it may be her journey's end is just around the corner.
ahhh lucky, you are such a sweet, sweet dog.

laura found dusty last pm..unable to get up. i went over to check her..i had just seen her an hour ago...and it looks like to me that somehow she has pulled her cruciate muscle...she did get up and walk for me but she is sore on that leg for sure.
no walks for dusty for a few days please.

we are going to need to lay in a good supply of sock monkeys. daphne watched stunned and horrified as mystic ripped out a chunk of her new favorite monkeys's face (it was so sad lory!)
as soon as i saw what was happening, i did a quick monkey switch..mystic got the green striped one, daph got her soft grey one back again.

i woke in a panic in the middle of the night with an entire mouthful of sharp puppy teeth clamped around my throat...oh hi baby....please do not chew on me....or the channel changer...or my pillow...yikes!...not prince either sweetie...he is frail!

she chewed off the lid on the full water jug door stop....she is currently tugging on a leash, clipped to the door...hey look mom! i can open and close the door, dump over the jug thing and make a lake on the floor!
this is how morning clean up goes before i leave for work....mystic attached and playing tug a war with the corner of my bathrobe or my sleeve as i walk around and pick up poop...she grabs the paper towel just as i am scooping something up and i am left with a useless little corner and have to go get more....she chases my mop and stands on it so it won't move...i finally gave her an empty milk jug to carry around so i could get stuff done and get ready for work.

sigh...the entire world is just some kind of fun puppy toy....i think i better start puppy proofing things around here.

mystic...please do not chew on the door!



Sock monkey was meant for your grandaughter, not Daphne! Oh year I will have my own grandauther to buy for!! Glad it made Daphne happy for awhile.


Dusty seemed to be moving OK when I was there. I opened the outside door for her and she wandered in and out (and totally dismembered a big stuffy). Lucky got up and joined in barking when the house crew came outside and started their morning chorus. No new poop when I got in.

Carol Ann

my thoughts are with all of them but especially little tina fey after surgery I like that dog a lot

Carol Ann

sure hope lucky can stay for a while and dusty gets better. they are such good dogs. I can see that cleaning on the weekend just took a turn for the worse --named Mystic lol I'm used to that at home (Precious) Of course Harold is saintly, and Sweetie barked for the first time this morning. I was taking too long to get her breakfast. she is so sweet and getting quite animated lately, she must be feeling a lot better. :)

Ann C

Ah that is such a poignant post, the young & the old, very happy & sad.....thinking of Dusty & Lucky, looking forward to meeting Mystic.