Rescue Journal

lunch break puppy ponderings...

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2011

i think it is funny that i will fearlessly take on pretty much any animal health problem known to man...and quite a few behavioral problems as well... without a second thought.

but pure white and puffy puppy fur is totally freaking me out.

mystic was a muddy mess at lunchtime today...someone had fun on the walks.

i also think if i was in fact going to take on a pure white and puffy palliative puppy...a palliative poodle puppy might have been a better choice.

how to construct a kitchen spray park

one 25 pound white and puffy palliative puppy with very sharp teeth.
one full to the rim and tightly capped, 4 litre milk jug filled to maximum capacity with clean water.

watch puppy pull full milk jug into the middle of the kitchen floor and pierce the jugs sides with her very sharp teeth.
the water will then ark out in multiple thin streams for puppy to try to catch and puppy now has her own personal indoor spray park.

so simple yet sheer genius.



LOL! This is hilarious!! For those of us not living in your kitchen, of course. :-)

Carol Ann

should we all wear hip waders and protective gear to work tomorrow ??? too funny

Ann C

That is one very smart pup, "my new Mom says I'm dirty so I'll make my self a shower and wash up. See Mom now I'm all clean!!" Gotta love a puppy.