Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2011

last time i saw him was in the shop when i was getting the horse blankets on my lunch break...did anyone see him after that? and when and where???
tammy said he was locked in the shop when she left midafternoon. zoe just called and said he was in the shop when they were were here and he did not get out.
i am sick inside cuz either he is being a dick head or he is dead and i do not think even frodo is this much of a dick head to hide and watch me get REALLY upset.

i will go look again...maybe he is getting deaf...he is pretty old now so he might be i guess.

ok, whew.....i found him...sound asleep in a pile of beds high up on a shelf. i think he is deaf...he didn't wake up and poke his head out to say hello til i started banging around on stuff. we had a nice cuddle-re-united together up in the suite for a few minutes while i told him of my deep relief.


Nicole N

PHEW!!! I'm glad you found that sweet little kitty.

Carol, I just sent you the pictures that Kathy took of Popeye today. There is a real cute one of the puppy in there too.