Rescue Journal

the new crippled pony

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2011

we are still trying to corner steve the farrier...and reaching him is never easy. he is a great guy...has done our horses before when spritely was alive cuz she was tricky too and won't take any money for doing them either. but trying to pin him down when we need him is always hard cuz he is an icon and icon's are not easy to reach. we actually have our own regular farrier...rhonda and she is great (and she comes every six weeks like clockwork) and i actually want her to do the work..i just wanted a couple of different suggestions to mull around before we settle on a final plan of care....we do it in nursing all the time..pick each others brains because we all have different and varied experience and it is of great benefit to our patients care and i want great benefits of varied experience for popeye too!

the vet popped by this afternoon to check on our new boy with his horrible feet. he didn't have time to do the xrays and is coming back tomorrow to do them.

i really want to get him over to the barn...he gets upset when the other horses have gone to bed. he is fine as long as he can see them but once they go into the other barn he starts makes me feel bad that he wants to be with them and right now he can't. we are going to have to re-configure where everyone sleeps tho in order to move him into the main barn. mo and i were arguing about it to switch everyone around...she suggested the pigs to the goat house and i suggested the pigs to the cow barn...i REALLY want to turn the cow barn into a pig barn..i think it is perfect for the pigs...sigh...but then where we put the cows?

if i had a ton of money..i would rip all of the barns down and start over again! i would like just one, big barn, with room for everyone comfortably in there. oh well...since i don't have that kind of money..i better figure it out asap with what we actually have.

it is all fine and dandy to rescue another horse...and i am sure that in the end...pops will be eternally grateful but geez it is a headache to figure it all out...good thing i have lots of advil.

i am hoping that jenn posts some of her photos and videos that she got was a beautiful and sunny day at saints!


Carol Ann

OMG first Angel on Sat morn then Webster on Sunday morning--are they trying to scare us to death.


he was probably suffering from milk overdose...he is a milk glutton...that freaking cat has sucked back more than his fair share of a gallon of milk this week!' happens...i once called the vet in tears cuz mickey d had suddenly died...while i was wrapping his body to carry into the vets, that damn dog woke up out of an apparently dead to the world sleep and said...oh hi carol, nice to see you!
then i had to call the vet back and say...ooops...mickey is not dead....mickey was a GREAT dog,,,you guys would have LOVED can see him on the very first memorial page...i so miss his flying nun cookie monster!


Ann and I got the shock of our lives this am - We arrived together and walked into the kitchen to find Webster lying sprawled out on the kitchen floor in front of the fridge - looking like he was dead. He was lying very still and at an odd angle. Both Ann and I were down on our knees petting him and talking to him, (saying goodbye), and just about to call Carol, when all of a sudden he moved his head and then opened his eyes to look at us, as if to say "What's all the fuss?" Geez, Webster, don't do that! He never lies on the floor. After a litle bowl of milk, he seemed his usual frail self - but ok. Not a nice start to the day, but very grateful he's still with us.


CAROL ANN: I'm wondering if you could please email me your home phone number at I should have someone's # who lives close to
SAINTS (and I know you offered it before), as I almost didn't make it today due to van trouble. Luckily, I borrowed a vehicle and got there (a little late);but otherwise Ann would have been there on her own today. As it was, it was just Ann and I in the house - busy enough! It would be just in case I can't oome for some unforeseen reason.I know you offered before if this happened. Please and thankyou. Brenda