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Popeye and the Puppy

Jenn  ·  Jan. 30, 2011

Two lives: one short, one long. A baby and an old man both new to saints, each with their own sad tale.


One very ancient horse has lived alone for a very long time and been terribly neglected. In his pasture he has stayed for many many years, perhaps his entire life. Until someone cared enough or noticed his sad state and decided to call the SPCA. The SPCA came out to investigate and told the owner that he must get this horse medical care or have the horse put down. The man called the vet and he had no money to try to fix this horse. Popeye's feet are severely overgrown and as a result his muscle and ligaments are deformed. The vet was determined that this horse be given a chance--to try to do right by this poor horse. He called SAINTS and brought him out to SAINTS where he is safe and will now receive the best medical care money can buy. But will it be enough? Is it too late for Popeye? Hope is still floating ... sweet boy.


A puppy was bought from a breeder to replace a long time companion to a family and a little boy. But the puppy was sick--renal failure due to inbreeding. Too much for the family to deal with. They surrendered her to SAINTS. Among the ancient and crippled animals she will feel healthy. Bombing around the farm she will be carefree. She will learn happiness, love and friendship. She will be totally spoiled. Her life will be short but good. Mystic will not live out the year.

Mystic with SAINTS volunteer Handyman, Brent today



"Mystic will not live out the year." That line made me really sad. Thank goodness SHE doesn't know that she has less than a year to live. As puppies do, she will truly LIVE everyday in the best place she could be with the best people and she will only know all the good things in life. That is the gift of SAINTS.

But, oh, I don't know how you do it Carol. To help an older animal to pass is one thing but to watch the life drain from a youngster who has barely seen the world - that's another thing entirely. You and your volunteers are simply marvelous and it comforts me to know that, unlike 99% of your animals, Mystic will never know misery since she found you before misery had a chance.


hi susan...we will know more once the xrays are done...the only 2 options are fix his feet or put him down...we will do whichever is best for him.
as to pain? i am sure he is in pain from those feet...(we are giving him recoverexx, similar to bute but more natural...we can't get quatrisol anymore which was the best!)anyway...while i am sure he is in has been a chronic very long term pain and really heartbreakingly sadly...that poor boy is used to it so a few days more to make sure we make the right decision for him pales in comparison to the many long years he has dealt with this.
and plus...even fixing his feet is going to increase his discomfort in the short term for him too so we want to be really careful in how we proceed.

it has taken more than 10 years for pops to get like will not be an over night fix. and we will for sure give him extra hugs from everyone who cares about him...he is a very sweet and huggable horse.

Susan Armstrong

Thank you for saving these babies. Will Popeye feet be fixed. Is he is any pain?

Please give them a big hug for me.

thank you!!

Carol Ann

e will all love them soooo much until they are taken from us. Hope it is a lot longer than we expect.

Carolee Penner

This made my heart cry. Thank you for being there for these guys and for everyone you help.