Rescue Journal

and while sympathy is raging for popeye...i might as well take advantage to fill a big need up here....

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2011

we are in desperate need of a good volunteer team of experienced horse could just be one or two really keen folks to teach some of the less experienced but are interested in learning how to do it so the team numbers can grow.
our horses do not get groomed really regularly...we are all so busy, we just don't have the time and it takes me forever to groom a horse because i really don't know how!...but geez if we could have a good solid core of volunteer groomers...our very special horses would pretty much have it made...a nice place to live, the best of food and medical care,some really great caregiving....and a good head to tail to toe brushing to finish it all off!
they would ALL really like that!

does anyone know anyone who might make an actual committment and have some extra time????? would make a great get together time for a group of horse knowledgable friends and way more satisfying than just going out for lunch or coffee.






Mauro Salles

Hi, jenn. cant write but can read. please, the email is



I've asked my coworker to ask around her barn for any grooming supplies they can donate :) I'm sure they aren't cheap to buy!

Jenn Hine

for anyone intersted in volunteering (unless you already have) please complete the volunteer application for. We need your contact info, availability and also a signed waiver form. Please email it back to or drop of inperson at SAINTS.

You can find the application form here:

I can't wait to see the horses all brushed and looking pretty ... wait they are all male horses .. I mean handsome.


perhaps the Mission Horse Club would be willing to help. Members have to volunteer hours,perhaps you could make a deal from one non-profit to another?


Carol do not go out & buy anything, this week-end I will bring out my own stuff ( what is left of it ) and also go through what we have... I can bring them all home & bleach everything & then figure out what is missing & we can buy at that point.


So as far as grooming supplies go here are the basics; rubber curry comb, dandy brush (stiff bristled), body brush (soft bristled), hoof pick and a mane comb. They can just be marked with permanent marker for each horse. And something to keep everything in so nothing goes missing. I already gave away my old stuff or I would bring it up. For this Sunday I could come up in the early afternoon. Will figure out a time soon.
Cheers Sherie


KO & I have spoken about this several times in the last couple weeks & I would also enjoy some time grooming , perhaps we can do up a schedule where part of the time is spent poop scooping & crap work & the other part spent grooming & picking feet...


I used to ride and groom horses at shows. I can teach others how to groom horses, and I can make a commitment soon.

I love a good curry comb.


yay sheri! if you give me a list i will make sure it is here. since czar got that staph infection..i have decided that each horse needs their own personal grooming supply kit too so there will be enough for your students to work along side of you as they learn.

Bunny Horne

Carol et al, I just talked to Brent and he as well would be willing to learn how to groom the four legged crew.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I would be up for the challenge of learning how to groom your crew if someone can teach me.


i could learn! only thing is i havent got much extra time...i could speed it up in the house a bit and probly be able so brush a horse after? i usual come up saturdays but this week im there sunday.


I could come up on weekends and would show anyone who wants to learn. Sundays will probably work best. I will see of I can recruit any other horsey or non-horsey willing to learn volunteers. I assume you have all the grooming paraphernalia needed.
I will bring my hubby but he will probably just want to cuddle with all the dogs :) He is actually handy so if you have any carpentry jobs you could put him work.