Rescue Journal

just for interest is an xray of one of pops' feet that the vet sent us today.

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2011


here is a normal foot...well cared for..the internal structure is a miracle of natural efficiency and beauty.



Carol Ann

OMG I went to saints today to see Popeye--He looks so much better and he is so sweet. It was a beautiful sunny day and all the animals were content and either eating or sunning themselves. I petted everyone especially Popeye and Ziggy. Ellie just grunted at me and got up after I left. I wish I could live next door to SAINTS lol


i have no idea why that freaking thing is upside down...i posted it right side up fer chrissakes!!!!!
jenn can you please fix the upside down foot for me???


The bottom picture is upside down, yep, and Popeye's foot is severely misshapen compared to the healthy hoof in the xray below. The whole of the light grey, besides the white of the actual bones, that you see there is hoof... well, hoof and his ankle. It looks like it's going to take a lot to get Popeye's hoof to actually grow downwards towards the ground instead of curving up in that arc. The poor guy... he must have been in so much agony for so long. I really hope that his feet take well to the trimmings and treatments that he'll need to correct this. I can't even imagine how he must feel.

Colleen B

I'm a wee bit confused - is the bottom picture upside down? Does this mean Popeye will be in good shape soon?