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Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2011

when i went to bed last night...popeye's head was in czar's window...when i got up this morning..popeye's head was still in the window. when i came home for lunch czar was out in the field so pops' head was NOT in the window....but when i came home tonight czar was once again in his stall and popeye's head was in the window again! apparently...pops really likes czar!


pops is being switched over to oral pain meds today.

eddie crashed this morning...he was fine when i left for work and in trouble by mid morning..i took him into the vets on my lunch break and left him there...he is now on IV's. they took some blood and urine and think it is kidney failure. eddie has aged in the past few years..i keep thinking he is still 16 but really, he is now 19 yrs old. he was an owner surrender to our vet clinic and his birthdate on his file is listed as 1992....geez, where does the time go?
eddie is such a very great cat...i rarely talk about him unless his mouth is bad. but he lives by my computer and in my lap and his second favorite place of all is napping inside a playpen.
i have NEVER seen this cat cranky or mean...he is always incredibly loving and sweet...i know he is pushing 20 now but i want him to stay 16 so we still have lots of time to hang out.



squirt had a seizure today...he hasn't had one in quite awhile that we are aware of so i think it is ok. he is fine tonight, his usual self.
i swear he has been licking poor larry's ear for the past 20 minutes...i finally made him stop. it wasn't bugging larry...but it was bugging me...enough with the compulsive ear is grossing me out!



so...the potential homes for mini-me, hootie and pixie have decided not to because of her barking, hootie cuz the family dog is currently ill, and pixie because of her fistula care. so we are back to square one with all of them...except pixie...i have moved her to permanent sanctuary dog. she adores me, she is well settled and she hates any kind of change and because of her ongoing health issues, i have decided it is in her best interest to stay here at saints.

jesse truly loves the new puppy...he nuzzles and grooms her whever she is near AND still....but daphne totally hates her and suzie is not far behind. they hate her because she thinks they are chew toys.

mystic doesn't chew on all of the little dogs...she has a great deal of respect for squirt, sidney, hootie, griffin, hilda, merry, mini, maybe, chica, alf, jerry, tina-fey and prince...yes prince! that little blind and frail dog took after her last night and she was so surprised she fell right off the bed!

and i have no idea why she doesn't care in the least when daphne and suzy tell her to piss off quick...but she doesn't care...she just keeps bugging them until they are frantic and panicked because she is not listening to them. i got quite mad at her and told her to leave them alone or she will not be a bed buddy anymore. she got the message and decided to chew on her toy instead of the two who totally despise her.


the vet was here when i came home for lunch and while i was out by the barn talking to him..i watched shane. that dog is so joyful, running around and having fun...but man he is trusting...deaf as a post and slipping in and out and under all of the cows to get to wherever he wants to go next. i finally put him back behind the gate because no one as innocently happy and stupid as he should risk getting stepped on by a 1000 pound beast!


Colleen B

I wonder if Pops realises that laying down could ever be an option again. It's been so long - how will he even know to try?


Hi Carol,
I understand Popeye has a long battle ahead of him but did you take pictures after the vets trimmed his feet? Can he lay down now? The curious (me) would like to see the difference. I'm so happy he's found a friend in Czar!