Animal Updates

eddie has not miraculously bounced up with the IV therapy as much as i had envisioned.

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2011

he is eating and drinking...and pretty well considering too. but eddie is not the same cat that he was 4 days ago. he is frail..he is weak..the happy joy inside of eddie has disappeared into simply existing. i have booked his euthanization appointment for 3:30 today.

i really love you eddie.





Eddie's one of my favourites - his triangle shaped face makes his expression very unique - at least I always thought so! I will miss him at feeding time on Sunday.

Ian Mary

What a lucky cat he was to have met you Carol, as are all SAINTS past, present and future.....we will be thinking of Eddie this afternoon


Bye eddie you were a fantastic cat! I will miss you magically apearing on my lap within seconds of sitting down. Such a sweet and soft soul.