Rescue Journal

lucky eddie

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2011

eddie passed was a good death.

i remember talking to his owner when the clinic refused to euthanize back in 2007 and gave her my number. i only remember one thing that she said to me....eddie was a nice cat and in the years that she had him....he had never cost her a single cent.

as i said good bye...i thought about that....

rest wrapped in much loved peace eddie, you were a very dear friend to me.



I'm so sad I didn't get to say goodbye Eddie was such a good boy... he'll be missed..


so good animals are those that dont cost anything? good god no wonder i dislike people. everyfuckingthing is measured in money. its just colored paper!


And very dear friends are missed when they're gone. God Bless Eddie. He was never any trouble and a good sort.


good-bye sweet eddie boy....will miss your ownership of any available lap that presented itself...