Rescue Journal

noelle's eye

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2011

it has been a bit drippy and irritated since she came in...last night a small tumour popped out from inside the lower lid. today it is bigger. the vet said most likely it is malignant and needs to come off asap. she had her blood work today and her surgery is booked for next friday.

and..she was a total dip stick at the vet today by the took 3 of us plus a muzzle to get the blood out of her.
in the previous post...i said almost perfect...this apparently would be the part where she falls a bit short.



mj is a volunteer....she usually gets the mail a couple of times a week, she is very reliable. she has a fulltime job outside of saints and a family, all of us do. it would be nice if it was full of donations...but at this time of the year... more likely junk mail and bills.

Barbara T


Empty the box daily, why should we sent donations if the mail is not getting to you.


lol...ok...i sent mj an email...i don't have a key (cuz i kept losing the mail!)


Carol the lady from the post office who delivers Saints mail said we need to empty our box it is getting very full and she is nervous in case it was to get not sure if you have key or MJ...gotta love small towns!