Rescue Journal

the pursuit of happYness

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2011

the problem with a bad back interfers in the pursuit of happYness.

so far this morning... my pursuit of happYness involves cleaning up poop and pee so i can enjoy a nice cup of tea.

later this morning it will involve cleaning out the back outside cat run which i happened to notice yesterday is BEYOND has crossed over into foul. happYness will now elude me until that run is back into clean.

happYness comes in all kinds of packages and as far as i am concerned, none of them are foul or disgusting!

thank god for advil...i am hoping it will create a miracle so that soon i can will make the road to happYness today a little less hard.

i gave prudence some pain meds last night so she had an ok night...she looks a bit brighter this morning but her tummy still feels a bit tight. i cannot remember what her pathology was on those mammary tumours we removed several years ago...but i think it wasn't the good kind..i think it left us with a big question mark on if it would show up again somewhere else.

i might give colleen a call today and see if she is going into the clinic for anything and maybe she will have a quick peek at her and check prudence out....and if that interfers with the cleaning of the foul be it...happYness can always wait for something even more critcally important...prudence feeling ok.

i have asked mystic to please not be so cheerful, first thing in the pisses the granny dogs off..bouncy and perky can happen AFTER the day has started and has made it into full swing.

ok...i need breakfast...and i need to find my cell phone to call colleen....and at 9 am mystic, this day can actually, happYly and puppYly really begin.

puppYs have no patience.



sherie if you are around next weekend im still interested in learning. i will be there saturday til noon or so but could probly stick around, or come back sunday, whatever works


lol...sorry...i was on the move again til now...too wet and crappy today anyway..hopefully next weekend will be better weather.

are you working tomorrow? if so can you fax prudence's vet records over to hillndale for me please? i tried to call to leave a message but the voice mail thing is not kicking in.


Hi Carol, Not sure if I am expected up there this weekend. If there are people around wanting to learn about grooming. I still have to fill out my volunteer application form. I could do that today and bring it by in the afternoon and if anyone is around spend some time on the horses. Or we could figure something out for next weekend?