Sheila  ·  Feb. 8, 2011


Majority rules... And therefore this year's goal is to raise $10,000 so that she will ADOPT PHOEBE. I said to Carol $10,000 you will never do that... Carol is adamant about that amount (because she doesn't want to ADOPT PHOEBE). Everyone go back and read that last line... No let me say that again Carol was adamant about raising that $10,000. So this is my challenge to the volunteers at Saints... Let's see you do it.

Anyone who is interested in collecting donations email me and I will email you a form to collect donations. Anyone who reads the blog can also participate by making a donation through pay pal or sending in a cheque. Go here to find an address or to find the paypal link
As a favor to the readers could you post that you are donating.

The total for the amount raised will be announced on march 26th at the Fox's Reach Pub and Grill (in Maple Ridge) at SAINTS pub night. Tickets are $10 and you get 1 free drink. All $10 goes to SAINTS. There will also be a small silent auction and 50/50 draws. Last year the place was absolutely packed so please - if you are interested please purchase tickets early. The pub has a new rule - I cannot sell tickets at the door (but I will hold them). I am going to (gulp) give Carol tickets so you can purchase and pickup at SAINTS.

I am now going to go away and think of a way we can torture Carol. Last year we brought scissors and threatened to cut her hair. This year maybe we can con the pub into letting Phoebe come and threaten to let her loose in the pub where she can say hello to all the customers. Mmmm I will think... but I am sure Jenn will come up with something extraordinary for me.




Carol needs to pick out a Phoebe picture for her shirt.
You can also get a Phoebe mug, Phoebe mousepad, Phoebe blanket, a collage of Phoebe pics, Phoebe on a keychain. Pretty much anything.

Carol Ann

ha ha ha you people crack me up. POOR CAROL ! but a good thing for PHOEBE.


And they could have a big heart on them with Carol and Phoebe's face in the middle of it!


I think Tammy would be more than happy to design some Pheobe shirts I think it should say onteh back for volunteers:

I met Pheoebe and I survived


I will put into the post when I get home. The iPad is not so great sometimes. My email is


Might be a bit hard to eat and drink with a mask on!! A t-shirt would be a great idea - proceeds from t-shirts to SAINTS of course!


haha I like it Hillevi! consider it done!

sheila your email????

you need to post that so people can email you adn so I can put it on the poster. I am not sure which email address you want to use.


You should have a huge blown-up picture of Phoebe looming over the bar so that Carol has to face down her fate. :-)

Bunny Horne

To be clear.... Do I get my tickets from Carol? Or do I get them from Phoebe? I'm totally confused. Or do I get them from someone else? Brent and I will be getting tickets for sure and I'm emailing friends and foe alike to get them out to the event as well or at least to make a donation. As soon as I know the # of tickets I need who do I have to notify so that they are set aside for us?


Sherle the chipin thing is interesting. I have seen it used on other blogs. It is definately something we will consider. Thanks!


mmm I am thinking pheobe shirt for sure ... perhaps she will also have a few other pheobe suprises. Now for the safety of others we could never bring pheobe out of her safety zone (aka saints).

Pheobe Rose Hine ... poor mom.

Sheila what email address do you want people top email you at? and is there any way for Nicole to post it on the website under events? I will make up an event poster this week ...


Well good gravy... that's why I kept saying to you
$10,000 .... $10,000 are you crazy... you only raised $8,000 last year.

I will go in and edit.... or you go in and edit so I don't screw it up.


Now that makes more sense Carol! - and gives us more incentive to raise money. Otherwise, we wouldn't have to raise anything, and you'd still have to adopt Phoebe - not much of a challenge that way!


NOOOOO!!!! i meant you guys had to raise at least 10 grand to make me adopt phoebe, not the other way around!!!!.... are you freaking crazy!!??? i can't raise that kind of money and i am not adopting phoebe!!!!!!!


I wrote this at 5:30 am this morning ... went to post it and my IPAD said there was an error and the post had not been saved. So I go to write a new post tonight and guess what I find. IPAD not so perfect.

I know someone (Jenn or Nicole) told Carol how to enter a url so that it would show up as a link but I can't remember what it is that she/me are doing wrong.

Also it would be great if I could get that Phoebe picture a couple of posts down to magically recopy into my post.