Adopt Phoebe Pub Night

Jenn  ·  Feb. 9, 2011

Here the event poster!!!

OK start pledging, buying/selling tickets, gathering silent auction items ... this like last year's event is going to be a lot of fun, again mostly at the expense of Carol--I guarantee it.

You all know what phoebe is like ... if you don't watch her video... she is the biggest pain the ass dog anyone has ever known and that includes a lot of really big pain in the ass dogs over the 20 years of rescue Carol has been doing. Now, if you are a Phoebe sympathizer, it actually might be in Phoebe's best interests not to become a Hine because once she is a Hine, Phoebe is no longer under the protection of SAINTS and her supporters, no wait she only had one, supporter--Tammy. Carol may very well figure out a way with one of her vets to actually make Phoebe the world's first headless dog :)

We must raise $10,000 by March 26 or Pheobe will become Pheobe Hine


I have also created a SAINTS Facebook event page--so you can invite your all facebook friends!

for more information about the event or to buy tickts or make pledges please email:

**ALL PROCEEDS raised will go directly to SAINST rescue vet bills.



if you have any questions or concerns about the fund raiser: I try to explain and address them here:


oops I didn't mean for it all to be bolded just Carol's quote but I can't go back and edit.


<b>NOOOOO!!!! i meant you guys had to raise at least 10 grand to make me adopt phoebe, not the other way around!!!!. are you freaking crazy!!??? i cant raise that kind of money and i am not adopting phoebe!!!!!!!<b>

Carol's words up above. She will only adopt Phoebe if 10,000 comes in. The amount is high because she doesn't want her.

And I think I need to point out (because of Cynthia's comment in the post above and the email I got this morning) that this campaign is a fun way to fundraise.
The money isn't coming in to ensure a spot for Phoebe at SAINTS - she already has one at SAINTS and will not loose it. The adopting to Carol personally is symbolic and something we all who know Carol and Phoebe are having fun with.

Carol Ann

OMG CAROL you were so cute, thanks jenn loved the pictures from long ago


Yeah...wait a minute...I thought we were donating so that Carol WOULD have to adopt Phoebe. That seems to make more sense. If we don't raise $10,000 Carol doesn't have to adopt Phoebe. If we DO raise $10,000 Phoebe Hine it is.

Bunny Horne

Carol, take heart in knowing that as we age we tend to mirror our mothers.

I've got some some items for the Silent Auction - just need to know if I should bring them to the event or if your team need the items in advance of the event.

colleen b

haha Jenn you slay me! Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy, Carol, knowing that your nose and ears aren't a burden?

Although I shouldn't criticize - I like to razz my mom that she'll only get one diaper a week when she gets old. It's only a joke, but it makes me laugh everytime :)


ha ha mom ... I want you to know how much I love you and you growing older, nor your nose and ears growing larger are any sort of burden to me :)

if you want to look at some younger pictures here they are on this post:
I have lots and lots of pictures of you ...


Carol MUST keep Phoebe, I think she promised!!!!! Darn I should have made you sign something Carol!!!!!


lol you are right hillevi...but...their way is probably more politically correct then my way...fork over ten grand and i will adopt the little fiend?...poor phoebe..she has to buy a family????


to know her is to love her (with a lot of effort attached.)

whatever, you guys decide...i don't really care..we just need to raise money so one way or another she always has a roof over her head along with all of the other guys.

and jenn...that is a horrible picture of me...don't you have one where i look younger and my nose isn't so big?


I'll throw down the gauntlet to the online/blog friends and pledge $50 to be sent through paypal before the date of the pub night. I wish I could give more


I thought it was raise $10,000 so Carol has to adopt Phoebe. Am I reading the poster wrong?