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just to further cement my point....current saints dogs who came in with reproductive cancers...

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2011

bambi 1
jelly bean
and probably fang

this list does not include the adopted ones.. like lola, the permanent fosters... like kia, or the ones who have passed away over the years like... peter.

that list is just who is on site now, right this minute...25% of our current on site saints dogs, 1 in 4 came in unaltered and with reproductive cancers...that is a lot.
if someone truly loved their dog...why would they ever even consider taking the risk if 25% of the time the dog will lose when the owner plays reproductive cancer roulette?



I will take your suggestion into consider mom. Aparently it has been left up to me how best to make you squirm at the reveal and how best to get the crowd worked up hehe


hi cynthia...
it is just a fundraising thing...last year the volunteers hit on the great idea that if they personally tortured me we could raise money for last year we had to raise X numbers of dollars or i had to shave my hair.

this year it is raise X number of dollars or i will or will not (i am confused too!) have to adopt phoebe (phoebe sometimes drives me insane.)

all of the money raised..goes directly into supporting saints..paying our vet bills (which run about $60,000.00 per year) barn feed and bedding, canned cat and dog food (which costs us several hundred dollars per month) cleaning supplies, blah, blah,the list goes on and on.

but here is an idea for the fundraising committee...lets make this even more fun for jenn and i...we have to try to raise $10,000.00 and on the night of the event...both options...adopt or do not adopt gets put into a hat and we draw out the answer of which one actually wins!

who gets lucky..phoebe or me...


Hello. I just wonder could you please clarify for me why you need 10,000 in order to adopt a dog who is already ten or eleven. I want to donate to your group but I do think there is an error in grammar or something. Please tell me 1. are you going to adopt Phoebe; or do you mean adopt her out; 2. where would all the 10,000 be applied. I would have thought that is the amount you are seeking towards running SAINTS, so don't see how it would be that your adoption of a dog who already lives there, would be contingent upon raising a certain amount.
Thanks for getting back to me, Cyn


I think partially it is because people don't understand it... and BTW.. you listed Kia as a permanent foster... not my adorable sweet little gal that I still miss... they adopted her.... or I would still have her... Boo Hoo


i will never understand it either. nor would Carley, Millie or Fiona.

Chris T

Don't forget about Gemma. She wasn't there very long before she came here. She was a great dog!


The BCSPCA just posted an article called "Its hip to be snipped" : and for course they agree with you its beneficial for the animal to be snipped!


Spay/neuter so important for that reason. Never mind the overpopulated animal world because people will not spend the money to have it done or believe there is a buck to be made.

My new guy just got neutered last week, and early.

Besides all of the above reasons I did not want him to know what he was missing! Waited till old guy was almost a year and humping everything in site. He will still hump his bed on occasion.

DO it and do it EARLY.