Rescue Journal

folks are probably wondering...

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2011

what is the difference for phoebe in being a permanent sanctuary dog....or becoming my own personal family dog?....

well honestly? not a heck of a lot. relationship does change a bit with them because they are now part of my deeply personal family....(it is whole new level of committment and caring when it is actual and irrefutable family)


if i die, my family becomes responsible for any of my personal surviving animals...and that would include phoebe.

hah jenn!

who's laughing now?


Audrey S.

After reading on a little more , I see there are others that are confused too! Regardless, my cheque for 100.00 is on the way.

Audrey S.

Sorry, but I am a little confused here. Are we donating money so Phoebe will be adopted if we reach 10,000.? The poster seems to say the opposite.


OMG you have GOT to be kidding!!!!! I need to start raising money asap!!! Please everyone SAVE ME from Phoebe!!!