Jenn  ·  Feb. 10, 2011

There are some concerns and questions surrounding the current fundraiser: Adopt Pheobe SAINTS Pub Night. That is because (1) I have have not done a good enough job explaining it (2) much of the "fun" in this fundraiser is based on the volunteers and supporters (who read the blog and visit SAINTS) that have met phoebe and follow her stories, understanding of who Phoebe is and what her role and symbolism for SAINTS is ... those who are new to SAINTS would not necessarily know all of this ... at least not the full scope or history of it all.

Here is one sentence to explain it: Phoebe is just Phoebe for good or bad, Like Carol, SAINTS would not be the same without her.

Ok and now here is a whole lot of paragraphs below to try to explain it in more words for those that need that too ....

First, Carol is the founder and director of SAINTS. She founded in 2004 after many years doing rescue and fostering senior and special needs animals. The SAINTS property has always been hers that she donated and used to house the animals. She started out renting a double-wide trailer with a few dozen cats and dogs and a few barn animals. Then she purchased the current property and made renovations to the house, outbuildings and barns. She pays the mortgage and shares her home with 150 animals. Therefore, for the 6 years Phoebe has been at SAINTS she has always lived with Carol. In Carol's home. But Carol never had a choice because Phoebe is a saint. Phoebe as been adopted out to 7 homes at least. Read her story here:

So you see Phoebe is a big pain the ass. She is a pain in the ass for Carol, for the volunteers and staff and for the other dogs too. But honestly we all actually kind of love Phoebe in our own way. She has her soft and sweet moments--where she will jump on your lap and kiss you and this is usually followed by a rash act of viciousness on her part towards another saints animal (cat or dog). Phoebe is esentially what SAINTS is all about and she is also such a little whirlwind that SAINTS would be a very different place without her--haha perhaps a little more peaceful and quiet :)

So the fundraising is about us banding together for a common cause (we all already think Phoebe is toally nutz)---to raise money for SAINTS--and the FUN part of of it is to get a good laugh about what a pain in the ass dog phoebe has always been, is and will always be---Carol has lived with her the last 6 years, so she knows and wouldn't it be funny if phoebe became a Hine officially---I think the theme is save carol from phoebe. Like last year where we had to try to raise a set amount of money or else Carol would have to shave her hair off. This year we are trying to raise $10,000 or else carol will have to adopt phoebe. There is the second part of the FUN--poking fun at Carol's expense. If you want to take offense to anything take offense to this. Carol has given up almost everything for SAINTS--her home, her bedroom, her privacy, her kitchen, all of her free time ect etc. Isn't that enough?? last year we almost made her give up her hair! Now we want to make her give up her famoly name to Phoebe??? oh gawd. But don't go getting all sappy now its just all in good fun and hopefully good FUNDS too.

And here is my last really important points: Having a good sense of humor, as Carol shows us, is essential to rescue. Humor helps you get through the really crummy parts--like living with a royal pain in the ass dog for 6 years. Also if you are going to take in a bunch of really old and sick animals you better figure out a way to pay for their expensive vet care! --so we try to have many different types of fundraising: bake sale, gala, sponsorships, donations, pub nights and raising the money in different ways too: ticket sales, 50/50, auction, pledges ... etc.

Rest assured, regardless of what we raise phoebe will have a place at SAINTS as she has for the last 6 years of her life, but if we cannot raise $10,000 then Carol will have to formally adopt Phoebe. So as far as phoebe is concerned nothing with change either way. All the money raised goes to the vet bills. We are just having a bit of fun raising funds lol..

Perhaps we underestimated Phoebe's reputation and fame ... but the Pub Night is also meant to be a fun and relaxed event for the volunteer and supporters to have fun and raise money. The Gala event in september is our more formal event.

.... so speaking of fun we are definitely thinking of Phoebing-out the pub night with phoebe wear everywhere! haha. I hope you will join us its going to be a hoot.



I have to go to a funeral today so I am not sure if anyone is around after 2 pm today at saints. I need to drop of tickets for people who are expecting them. I am going to try phoning mo and see what the timeline for everyone is today. I may drop off tomorrow.


Thanks for this explanation! I'm on the outside looking in; so that is why the "in" humour didn't take with me! But I would like to be on the inside, and by next fundraiser, I will "get it"!
P.S. I am so sorry about Perdy.

Carol Ann

Oh Tammy I don't know how you are going to pull that off but I too would love to see that


I think Carol adopting Phoebe is a win-win for everyone.
Wouldn't it be cute if Carol walked around wearing a Phoebe shirt and Phoebe ran around wearing a Carol shirt.


the more I sit her trying to ... the more I am begining to understand that ... haha she is an enigma! A doGs dam red whirling pain in the ass snarling hag of a freaking enigma! lol. But I am kind of fond of her :)


i am chuckling is not that you have not explained it well is because everything about phoebe is complicated and defies explanation!