Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2011

little big bud has terrible diarrhea today...hmmm...too many sub sandwhich bits yesterday? renee is not happy....bud thinks it was worth it tho...he likes to eat many different kinds of things.


lucky is really she is vomitting and has again terrible diarrhea....not good. i may bump one of the other guys out of their appointments in the next couple of days and get her in instead. not sure if this is just another bump or if it is the end of her road. my assumption is since she is vomitting undigestive food that her tumour at the pyloric opening of the stomach is interferring with her stomach empying and creating a blockage now. it could just be a massive stomach upset (she has had this before.)...if she can keep her meds down, she might improve.


perdy is in crises...she has lost complete use of her back end...not sure if she has thrown a clot, had a stroke or something critical has fallen apart in her spine somewhere. she has had a double dose of pain med so i think she is comfortable but i know she is stressed cuz she can't move.

i will get off work early and she has an appointment late this afternoon. tammy is coming to help me load her up on the stretcher to get her down to the clinic. whatever it is not good.


Colleen B

Oh Carol - that comment was a testament to your big heart. It isn't harder on me that it is on you...that can't be possible in any way. You loved Perdy and managed her for who she was. She was a happy, happy girl and she had a wonderful life with you.


it is harder colleen because last time you saw her...she was feeling not too badly. today she was not that perdy was hurting, feeling vulnerable and afraid. you saw max near the end so you could see how he was doing, which wasn`t very good.

you are having a hard time with perdy because today she was far different then she was even a week ago.

i think sometimes that is why it is easier on me then sometimes it is for you guys...cuz i see them when they turn those fateful corners and with the elderly and infirm... it can be really fast.

hugs to all of you.

Colleen B

Yes, it is so hard to see her body fail. I understand when it's their time - like with made me sad of course, but you just knew he didn't have a whole lot of fight left in him. You could say goodbye knowing that he was ready to go. But Perdy...I dunno why it's so different!

Lots of love for sweet Lucky xoxo - she's a fighter too!


I know colleen she just seems so lively otherwise ... it too tragic that her body has fallen apart so much after than her mind.

I hope lucky is ok

and I sympathize with you rene!

Colleen B

Oh she a candidate for a doggie wheel chair? She's just so healthy otherwise, right? I'd take on the challenge, if you think it's worth a shot for her. I know you've said before that she is nearing the end, but it just makes me so sad.