Rescue Journal

on every night following a death....

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2011

there is a hole here at saints...for awhile at least.

but our animals weave themselves into the tapestry of every day life. each one a thread of brilliant color...each thread creates a picture of not just each individual but of us all as a whole.

we are interconnected, each life that lives here. we impact each other and sometimes we the light and the shadows forming the texture of here.

i leave perdy's gate open to let the others move in, but the laundry area stays free, no one goes in. her bed is empty but her spirit is there.

they carve themselves into the soul of saints and forever dwell there.

once they come, the saints never leave.

they are forever the fabric of the saints family.



I knew Perdy before she came to SAINTS, when she was in trouble in her previous home I knew that Carol and the SAINTS family were the ones to be her saviors. I just learned of Perdy passing, she was such a sweet girl. Rest in peace sweet one.

Carol Ann

Beautiful, Carol, I too have a box of kleenex by my computer and I use it a lot. We will really miss that beautiful girl. Her passing is hurting as much as one of my very own. She just got inside my heart I guess.


Sweet dreams Perdy, you had the sweetest darkest eyes & they told me all I needed to know when I would visit you .


Nothing like starting off the day with a really good cry, no wonder I have a box of kleenex at my computer. So amazingly well said, makes me think back to all the people and the animals that have been a part of my life, that they have never really gone away. Very moving Carol. Thank you.