Rescue Journal

and another weekend comes to a close.

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2011

it was a nice day today. tina-fey went off to her new home on the island...i was busy at the time so laura took care of the finalizing of the adoption...have a great chicken-free life tina-fey!


at the very last minute we had to add..."not good with chickens" on the info part of her adoption form...that crippled little bugger zoomed into the hen house and started chasing the chickens around. apparently bad dogs lose their crippledness when chickens are running around.


i gave the tour to the very nice spca cruelty officer who came here for some warm and fuzzy's on her day off...percy could have been charged with human cruelty for sucking back half of her hair! she thought he was pretty darn funny!


i almost got a bit teary when i introduced her to chief and ebony...she was the investigating officer for that seizure and she was very happy to see them so happy and well now. she took a lot of pictures to share some of the other spca seized animals with their investigating officers as well. they really have a very sad and difficult job...they see the worst of it all. it probably feels good to see them happy... after their stint in hell is done.


chief and ebony were schmoozing together as always on the couch. those two cats adore each other..they know where they came from and they are glad to be here together now.


the horses were groomed today again, two days in a row!!!...this makes me so happy. it is the one thing that has been bugging me for a really long time. mo is going to work out a barn schedule so she and others have some one on one grooming time too. we finally have enough weekend barn volunteers now that we can start doing this on a regular basis now. little chubby gideon still looked very handsome at bedtime tonight.
sheri is still up for teaching the novice how to groom. she will be back here next sunday so anyone who is interested can meet up with her then.

mystic is utterly exhausted...she burned off all of her puppyhood this afternoon. she has only woken up briefly to share some ice cream with me and then she went right back to sleep.


20 yr old molly spent a lot of time out in the barn and going for walks today. she has not come out for months now but today she decided it was the day to head out and see everything. she is pretty tired tonight too...sound asleep on the bed at my feet and she did NOT wake up for ice cream!


sheila brought her foster puppy chauncey for some extra socialization today. he was pretty overwhelmed initially but by the end of the visit he was trucking along keeping up with everybody. he is a SUPER CUTE puppy! hopefully she will bring him back again next weekend...i firmly believe that saints is THE perfect place to socialize puppies. there is not too much in the world that is not right here...tons of nice other animals of all kinds of species....and lots of happy people has got to be a very good thing.

ok...i am tired and my head is stuffed to the rim. i need some cold and sinus medicine and as soon as i take it, i will quickly be falling asleep.

thank you to all of the weekend warriors for another great weekend. and thx for the bathing and grooming bed will be full of clean dogs tonight and i like that as well even if i currently have no sense of smell!


here is the new guy (who is such a sweetie) Angus (aka fang)


Carol Ann

Bye Tina fey i will miss you my snuggly bunny. Have a very happy life and I hope they spoil you like crazy. I feel sad and happy at the same time.


lol...puppies and kids...they run til they crash and burn! your daughter did very well up here today..i think it is really good for the dogs to have happy and active children around....(except jesse the jerkoid of course...make sure she stays far away from him!)

Nicole N

And thanks to Mystic for exhausting my kid!!! She fell asleep at 8:00 PM on the dot... without one single argument! God bless Mystic and all the other wonderful animals that kept her entertained all day!


very happy for tina fey but daphne and I will miss that short and low brown one for sure ... she was a real sweetheart --with a killer instict for chickens!

Carol is the thing rae ...i NEVER let large unneutered dogs anywhere near my other dogs until 2 weeks after their neutering. the little fang? no problem. but jesse and the big jerk crew will never forgive a large unneutered dog for being unneutered...even once he is neutered, they will never trust him....they know he once had intact male hormones in his urine cuz they smelled it and they do not forgive and forget.

the exception to this was jed cuz he was plain too bone dense and sweetly stupid for the other big dogs to even consider as a threat....but on the whole all large dogs are segregated til fixed.

once they are fixed depends on the dog. if i don't think they are safe...i don't even bother. i never even attempted to introduce dusty to most of the other guys.
if i think they are a safe dog tho... over a couple of hours or a couple of days...i just introduce everyone together...starting with one really safe dog...adding another rock solid one to the group one at a time. by the time i get to the sketchy and jerky ones...everyone else has already accepted the new one so the freak outs usually grudgingly go along..i get them all out for a field run asap so the old dogs are interested in the run and the new dog gets to tag along with everyone else too busy to pay much attention to him. by the time the run is dog is now a saints dog and no one cares. then..i just pretend that they have always been together and don't think about it again. the dogs usually follow my lead because when new dogs arrive...suddenly good things like pizza and oreos start flowing really freely around and that too keeps everyone more interested in me than the new guy around here.

keep them busy and keep them distracted and within a couple of hours, no one remembers that someone wasn't here yesterday.


Carol I have a large senior, unneutered mastiff coming to live with me this week. He has some major back end issues, extremely thin but a real sweetheart. Any suggestions on how to integrate him with my herd would be appreciated. I have had senior unspayed females before but never an unneutered male. I'm hoping Pedro the pug who is rather bossy will accept him. I would welcome any wise words :)


lol...he will learn to ignore daphne..she is not mean...she is just REALLY bossy!

that book i am reading says tho...that the number one dog prone to biting people..including their owners is daxies! i find that so hard to believe...we have had many here over the years and ALL of them have been lovely (and a little bit bossy)!

patrick is a GREAT, GREAT dog! i will keep him here and you can have phoebe!


ummmm I think he met "mean" too when Daphne chased him back down into the field just as he was about to come into the back yard where the chickens are. It was kind of a sad (okay funny) seeing that dog run from a dog less than half his size. Chauncey will definitely be coming back so that the second time around he will be even less hesitant I hope... Patrick had a blast. I remember when he was afraid of the barn animals and today he was walking around them so easily and running into the barn when there was a time he wouldn't go in there.