Bunny is hooking for money ...

Jenn  ·  Feb. 13, 2011

You read that right. She emailed me the following ...

I'm hooking my guts out, I've got 9 requests for name mats for our cubicles so that's going to be $90, BUT TWO people gave me $20 for their mat rather than the $10 requested. We aren't allowed to flog our favorite causes at work, it can be grounds for dismissal, they have the two corporate charities and that's the way it is. I also know times are tough and people don't want to give money to anything these days. But people do want value for their money. In our offices these little cubicle identifiers are precious and only special people have them. I started a nightmare a few years back. So I figured hey, there's others that want these suckers so how about selling them a mat for a nominal fee and I can turn 100% of the bucks over to Saints at the fund raiser. It worked. I downloaded a couple of photos of Popeye before and after - so anyone that decided to buy a mat (they are are custom made) I sent his photograph and told his sad story. Well you have to have a heart of stone to not feel touched by those photographs.

Have a great day. Bunny


and the next day ...

I'm out of the office today and I worked my guts out yesterday to get a good crack on the first mat that was requested. I'm going to email the buyer a photo of how much I've got done. When I get back into the office on Monday I expect a few more folks will want a mat. So we will chip away at your Phoebe legacy bit by bit by bit.....

Have a super weekend.


Here are some samples. Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen? That gorilla has a real tutu! Bunny does the designs herself too.


I want one and I bet you do too. Well we are in luck--she is making one for the Adopt Phoebe SAINTS Pub Night. We will either raffle it or put in the silent auction--depending on what we think will raise more money :) Here is a sneak peak--it is called "Waiting for my forever home."


Thanks for the the giggle and the inspiration Bunny and for your efforts to raise funds for the Adopt Phoebe SAINTS Pub Night --as I have said, humor and funds are two essentials in rescuing old, crippled, sick, and more than our fair share of, pain in the ass animals :)



These are beautiful and I am 3rd in line for my own, helga, carol then me. Great Job !

I will be bidding on the one for the fundraiser too !!

Bunny Horne

Hi, Lory, long time Girl.... Are you going to the event on the 26th of March? If so, I'll see you there. My home email address is - contact me, I'd love to hear from you.


Hi Bunny! It's Lory - we met at Nanaimo a few years ago and we hooked together at Maple Ridge a few times. How are you? I have a hooked mat ready for the next SAINTS fund raiser too. Send me a note. We should get together.


i am going to want one too bunny! (no rush...whenever your orders slow down and you are looking for something to do.)


Wow, bunny. These are fantastic. Let me know when you have time and I'd like one too. would have to have a feline theme.