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and saints welcomes....

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2011

i just woke up from another! those cold and sinus pills knock me right out. anyway...this was a good thing cuz i just checked the emails and apparently our new guy is arriving early this evening (i thought he was coming tomorrow night) so i will need to be rested to settle him in.

saints is admitting another puppy. his current name is shima (of which i am not a fan) and he is a 7 month old unneutered pitt/lab cross puppy with a crushed vertebrae in his lower spine. he has been hanging out in a vet clinic a few hours from here, since he was hit by a car earlier this month. his family declined to provide medical care and the clinic was only able to keep him short term until rescue could step in.

he may require surgery..or he may heal with strict rest for several weeks. we will have to see. i will talk to his vet tonight when she brings him and then talk to our vets tomorrow and come up with a plan of care. there is no way to know if he will have any permanent deficits, like impaired mobility or incontinence yet.

i am thinking of naming him sherlock cuz he was stupid enough to get hit by a car. he is apparently a very sweet puppy...his face is the mirror of al. and i will probably shoot myself because we will now have 2 puppies here...and even palliative and parapalegic puppies are way too perky for me.


welcome puppies do not play in the street.



Oliver's injury is the lower half of the back but towards the middle of the lower half of the back. If you mean was it way at the bottom of the spinal cord then no it wasn't.

If he is wagging his tail that is good. It took Oliver almost a year to be able to wag his and he couldn't shake is head either for the first year.


wow the spitting image of al hope he is just as sweet happy valentines day everyone.


sheila...was olivers injury sacral or lumbar? i think considering his must be lower lumbar. i am not sure where this pups exact injury is...i am hoping it is coles...i will ask the vet when she arrives. the location is the key to what kind of deficits may occur.

Carol Ann

Aww he looks adorable. Hope he can walk poor puppy. Can't wait to kiss his face off lol

Colleen B

one more thing - is his tail wagging in that picture? The tail still works with crushed vertebrae?

Colleen B

oh my. so much cuteness. Maybe you could become the senior, special needs, and stupid puppy rescue.


that is exactly what Oliver's injury is. His 12 and 13th or 11 and 12 were damaged crushed or whatever.
Oliver was a spraying machine the first year we had him. He still is but it isn't fire hydrant anymore.
Oliver was 5 months old when his spine was damaged.
Dr Petrali was instrumental in helping Oliver - but he didn't have surgery. Oliver was described as a sweet puppy also and ask anyone who has been around Oliver for any length of time whether they think he is sweet.


that is what i am thinking brenda and he would not feel so lonely and would be more a part of things.


and smart and responsible owners do not allow their puppy to play in the street - and then deny vet care! I'm glad you're taking him. Sherlock is a great name, and the laundry area could be used for him if he needs to be contained for rest and healing? The laundry area wouldn't seem so empty either with Perdy gone.