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Hair today gone tomorrow ...

Jenn  ·  Feb. 14, 2011

Thanks to Nicole for taking the saints in to Markeydas Grooming and to Sam for doing such a great job with our guys, as usual.

There were a number of saints looking extra good this weekend. Here are some befores and afters

Mini Me





The volunteers and I this weekend were quite amazed at the transformations ... especially sydney and hootie who looked like a totally different much more buggy-eyed dog! lol.

*Yoshi and Prince got hair cuts too but unfortunately I did not get a picture of them but they are very cute too.

While the freshly groomed saints had no hair out of place, Andy looked like he had been kissed by Percy ...

HUh? What cha lookin at?


Nicole assured me that this friday there wil be "more naked dogs coming back to saints" haha I can't wait.


Carol Ann

HA HA Bunny we have all had a free treatment from Percy whether we wanted it or not. He is hilarious isn't he.

Bunny Horne

Amazingly my hair looks exactly like Andy's after I've visited the Percy Hair Salon & Spa. In fact last time he sucked half my head into his mouth and gave me a chiropractic adjustment at the same time. Saved me about $45 I figure for the adjustment and $75 for the hair do. I think I'll go for his all over face treatment this coming Sunday if he has a time slot available at the spa.


Ha Ha. I agree. Hootie definitely looks cuter with more hair. It is funny how shih-tzus look like completely different dogs when they're groomed. My dog looks like a little lamb whenever he comes back from the groomer.


Mini-me is quite adorable but I think Hootie is cuter when she has
more hair.
How's Phoebe doing?


I always take my 2 saints Lady and Banjo to see Sam in Langley....she is so good with them and we are in and out in about an hour no long waiting for the old they always look so cute!


mom did you get my email can you send me the details on angus please for the petfinder site.


sam is coming here on wednesday to do andy...i have to sedate him first and she comes here so as to not stress him out too much....sam has done this for andy for the past several is incredibly kind of her and andy and i are both forever grateful for the concern and care she has for our very frightened little saints mouse.