Pub night tickets are selling fast ...really!

Sheila  ·  Feb. 15, 2011

I just wanted to let the volunteers know that tickets really are selling fast. There are 23 at SAINTS and I have 18 =41 tickets.
I haven't sent out any emails yet - I will start tomorrow though.
Please for those volunteers who want tickets either purchase the ones at saints NOW or email and I will hold what I have for you.
I am not allowed to sell more than a 100 tickets so when we hit a 100 that will be it.


Jenn Hine

andy email sheila at

I am sure there ate 2 left :)


ok colleen when sheila says we are sold out I will do a post about it and about us needing more silent auction items and also pledges.

so far $200 in pledges ... we are aiming for $10,000.

Nicole N

You got it Sheila. I was just feeling guilty sitting on extra tickets when I can feel the panic rising :-)

Colleen B

Oh Jenn! You should post that! I think people think they won't be let in if they don't have a ticket!


Nicole N if you can sell those 10 go ahead the more newer people that get be involved in the saints fundraiser the better.

I still have 11 tickets.

So far we have 1 online pledge. She donated 100 and I will match that 100 .


erin we have 2 tickets set aside for you. but you are right, if someone wants to come they can without a ticket. If they wantm they can spend money on the 50/50, silent auction or even just give SAINTS a $10 donation.

Nicole N

In case you run out of tickets, I still have about 10 that I haven't sold yet. I can easily sell them but if there aren't any left at saints and someone wants some, let me know and I'll bring them with me on Saturday.


its a public place isnt it? if theres no tx left for me i am going anyways! i ll just go early and get a really close seat, then bid extra on an auction item! i ll miss out on a free drink, which i give away anyways. no biggie


well now that the tickets are pretty much sold time to start getting aution items and pledges ...


Someone from east ridge named sherie gar ant emailed me and asked for 4 tickets and is picking up on the night of. So they come out of my group.


So with anne's 4' carol-ann's 3' and lynne's 2 - there is only 4 tickets left at saints.

Jenn Hine

Lynne you can bring the donation items with you on sunday and I will take them. carol you can buy tickets from Carol on Saturday and me on Sunday.

Mo sheila is doing (as always) a fantactic job of keeping track of all the tickets--I too am grateful for it.


i have some donated items from a friend of mine when should i bring them i would also like to go to the pub night and require 2 tickets. i think anne another volunteer is coming home this week from vacation and i know she wold like 2 thanks


Lol, This is sorta like...whos on first, no whats on first, whos on 2nd .. yadda yadda yadda

Glad I am not trying to figure it out


i'm out at saints once a week-ish. i'm there on friday but am ok if you hold them at the door.


thanks Brenda! the two people I couldn't remember were Bunny's tickets that Jenn also included in her count so we still have 13 tickets left at SAINTS and I have 11 left at my place so total of 24 now


Sheila; I left $20.00 paperclipped to the tickets on the desk in the office on Sunday at SAINTS, when I took 2 tickets (and I wrote a little note) Brenda


This is going to bore everyone but just no one is confused

There are 40 at saints unless someone purchased and paid since Sunday other than Alison

40 tickets
-15 tickets reserved for Jenn/carol
-2 tickets for someone who I cannot remember that carol is trying to
- 2 tickets Laura b
- 2 tickets dawn
- 6 tickets mo

That leaves 13 tickets still to sell

When I said 23 were left I had already included your count Jenn

I am holding tickets at the door for Nicole M and kathie o

Jenn Hine

mmm I have already emailed Carol previously to reserve 15 tickets for me and some of the volunteers that have already asked me for them*** therefore is there was only 23 before I doubt there are any left. Therefore, you may need to hold tickets for those volunteers that asked you for them at the door.

I emailed you who the 15 are for and this includes Carol and Family.


Nicole - I don't think you go to saints always so I am going to hold 2 for you to pick up at the door.

Maureen - You can get yours from SAINTS

Dawn - when you pay next weekend take your tickets.

Jenn I will email you who has dibs on the tickets at SAINTS


Hi Sheila,
Please hold 2 for me, I can drop off a cheque this weekend at SAINTS???



Could you please hold one ticket for me and I will pick it up a the door. Thanks Sheila.

Cathie K

Sheila,Thank-You for sending the tax receipt..It came today...CK Jenn; Please would you have the time to find my photo's of Dixie Chick(kitten ones),Carol mentioned that they may be on or near the desk,I'm guessing said that you were going to place them in the computer? Thank You Cathie K