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Splish Splash Floyd Taking a Bath

Jenn  ·  Feb. 15, 2011

This one is for you Kathy--your feathered friends missed their Mama Duck this weekend ...

Floyd loves his prized private pool above all things--he swims in it all year round.

Floyd was found flipped on his back when he was a young duckling, unable to right himself because his wings had been clipped. He was filthy and dehydrated. He is an "organic" duck, which goes to show that organic does not mean cruelty free. He came to SAINTS November of 2008 and he has taught us that Ducks are special animals that deserve a chance at a good life.

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People often do not consider ducks or chickens beyond their dinner plates, but they do deserve your consideration!

this video and more available on the SAINTS Youtube channel

***UPDATE: Carol located a video by Twyla on his first night after being rescued: he spent it in a hotel. A very different duck then the happy, healthy one you saw today in the video above:

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Bunny Horne

I LOVE this duck. Floyd always has a smile on his face, even when he's bonking Edwina on the head. When I see him he lifts my spirits and makes me smile.

Nicole N

I know you guys were there and watched first hand Floyd's transformation, but seeing the one video of when he was first found, to what he looks and acts like now is indescribable. I would never have guessed he has been through so much. What an awesome little duck!!!

Bunny Horne

Just to correct you. I dont think Floyd actually swims in his little pool, its more of a walk.

Jenn Hine

WOW mom! wow.

Good job finding that video ... it is quite powerful!


somewhere on this blog i had posted a video of floyds original rescue...his first (and only) night in a hotel. i can't find it now...but it sure is a contrast to floyd the duck now.


i remember the very first time, i tried to give floyd a nice bath in a wheelbarrow filled with warm water....he totally flipped out. he was terrified. it broke my heart that this young duck had had such an unnatural life that he was so afraid of water.

it only took him a few minutes before floyd was forever hooked...that duck loves his water. when ko is cleaning and filling his pool...he is pacing quickly back and forth, watching the pool fill til it is at least at his minimum required depth and then he cannot hold himself back...he has to jump in.

i wish he could have a bigger pool...but with ice in the winter and our water restrictions in the is the best we can do.

anyway...floyd is happy with his little swimming pool.


Great video!

Wasn't Floyd terrified of water when he first came to SAINTS?


Jenn, this is my favourite video so far! I can't quite explain it. The combination of the music, Floyd's total contentment with his tiny pond, the sunlight flickering off the water. Just pure happiness.