Rescue Journal

my cold is improving so i am going back to work today

Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2011

i think i am really going to miss that long afternoon nap today...oh well...naps are great when you are sick but at some point you have to make it thru the day without them again. too bad...i was getting to really like them.

sleeping is becoming one of my favorite recreational activities.

little mr. had a seizure last evening...luckily i was in the building at the time. i am either going to have to move him back over to the house or get one of those long distance baby moniters so i can keep a closer eye on him.


we had a couple of late in the day visitors yesterday. noelle's neighbor and her friend came by...i gave them the quickie tour and they had a nice visit with noelle. she said she thought noelle looked good... perkier and happier then she has in a very long time.


laura came by to help me get sherlock out for his bedtime poop and pee...he cooperated with both which was great and he slept really well last night.

bibi had diarrhea during the night...i cleaned up the floors but he will have to wait for a bath til the staff arrive. and yes i remember about sam coming today to groom andy...but only because nicole reminded me. i will leave the acevet out for renee to give him around 0930.

i need to remember to book angus in for his neuter and rectal area mass removal. and i better check the bank account and see if the first allotment of the pepsi challenge grant arrived yet...cuz i REALLY need to pay some of the vet bills. we only get half this time around and the other half later in the spring.
ok...time to get moving....the dogs are all looking at me...sorry today is about working and paying the mortgage....these guys will have to nap on their own....sad sigh...without me.



you didn't listen to your voicemail! pepsi $ is delayed. they will give me another update by friday afternoon.