Rescue Journal

oh yay.

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2011

If this doesn't work out - this year - next year I am going to have to come up with another idea that will do some minor damage to your

Do you think if you post that people will start donating.




ah crap, i knew i forgot someone, sorry mandy. i'll leave angus tomorrow.


my phone is dead...not little mr..he is not well enough right now.....doris, merry, jerry, angus, squirt, mandy, and bambi 1...if you can only take 6...angus can wait for now...ashley got rid of those god awful ear matts....and he still needs his vetting anyhow.


I'm not back until Monday.
Hey Mo, give Phebes some hugs from me this weekend. And of course extra treats. I'm missing her wild and carefree attitude.


hey - i'm home from work. give me a shout or i'll see you tomorrow sometime.
Just confirming I'm taking doris, jerry, merry, lil mister, squirt and angus. (I'm assuming lil mister is still fine to go, I'll let sam know he has a history of seizures). Squirt in a kennel?


That was a joke ... I should have known you would have posted it.

I wanted a tattoo this year and so did Carol's sister.


$100 pledge from me to save Carol from having to adopt Phoebe..and for me cuz it is somehow easier to love Phoebe ( and I really do..most of the time ) if I think she doesn't really have a home to call her own.

Hey Tammy.. are you back this week-end ? Phoebe really really misses you & she thinks you left because of her.. hurry back