Baking for Bucks

Jenn  ·  Feb. 21, 2011

Like Bunny, SAINTS volunteer Allison has come up with a creative way to squeeze money out of her co-workers and friends. She is Baking for Bucks to raise funds for the upcoming Adopt Phoebe SAINTS Pub Night. I guess most of the volunteers are trying to save carol by doing their best to raise as much money as possible. Allison made a batch of sugar cookies modeled after our very own pink princess. I mean who could resist these tasty and very cute looking treats?


If she sells out this batch, at $2.00 per pk/ 2 cookies, she plans to make her next batch as cookie horses. Allison volunteers out in the barn so this is very appropriate for her.

Meanwhile in the house, long-term volunteer Brenda said to me this weekend--people are a little confused about the concept of the fundraiser so she said she is telling people, "Last year we had to save Carol's hair. This year we have to save her sanity!" I think that pretty much sums it up quite well.

With just over one month to go things seem to be coming together quite nicely. Tickets are nearly sold out and I have been getting some good stuff in for the silent auction. Like last year, no one will know the grand total raised until the night of the event, when I will reveal the total and we will see if we met our goal of raising $10,000 or not. Either way, the animals win. I just want them to win big is all!

If you would like to send in a donation to help us towards this goal you can do so via Canada Helps, Pay Pal, or mail in a cheque. Please indicate that it is for this event by writing a note like "Save Phoebe" or "Save Carol" or "March Pub Night" or email for mor information on how to donate. **preferably Pal Pal as you can leave a note as to what the donation is for, I believe Canada Helps you cannot.

**IMPORTANT INFO regarding tickets: Please note that you do not need a ticket to come to the event. What does the ticket get you? a free drink, entry into the door prize draw(s) and you get to participate in a secret thing (TBA at the event). 100% of the $10 from each of the 100 ticket goes to SAINTS. Without a ticket you can still come and have fun and participate in the silent auction and 50/50 draws **Please arrive to the event as early as possible as seating is very limted. Hope to see you there.



Hi - I just paypaled (is that a word?? lol) my donation for pub night. There was no where to specify that it was for pub night. I wish I could have added one or two more 0's on the amount.


I'll put a dozen aside for you Sheila, Thanks!!

Guess I'll have to make my second batch sooner than I thought!


It would be better if you use pay pal because Canada help works anonymously I believe. And the big issue is that I don't have access to it. With pay pal I can track the donations.

Last year most people used pay pal with a note written in and/or mailed a cheque that clearly said the money was for the fundraiser
Which was very helpful

Jenn Hine

Ann and Charlotte, you are right it is all the same pot so in the grand scheme of things it does not really matter how the money comes in. I know in Pay Pal there is a way to indicate what the donation is for: you can write anything like "Save Phoebe" or "Save Carol" or "Pub Night". With canada helps I am not sure if there is anywhere to write a note. If not, you could email to let us know how much you donated towards the event via Canada helps. The only reason we want to kind of keep track is that we set this goal of this nice round number of $10,000 so it would make the fundraising commitee and all the people contributing to this current money drive feel good if we met the goal.



I have the same question as Ann (I don't remember what I did last year). Just donate through paypal? What's the difference between a pledge and a donation for this?


hi there,

if i want to donate to this, do i just send it the usual way - i.e. through canadahelps? or do you want the money separately?? (i imagine it's all the same big pot though :))




I will be a dozen cookies. I can just come to your work and p/u

Nicole N

Ali... I hope you got the pink princess's approval on these cookies ;-)

Great idea lady!