Rescue Journal

3 bad hippy dogs

Nicole  ·  Feb. 24, 2011

A friend at work made Shrek, Fi and Taz matching tie-dyed bandanas. they are staring at an imaginary treat in my hand.



taz is in the middle. fi is on the right.
they are in a run at my work. it is their second home. it is one of the only other places that fiona feels safe. that kennel is the same as her couch at home - her safety spot.
i could give them 5 times the space and they would still all jam together in 1/3 of the run (except for taz, sometimes she wants her own space).


shrek is in the front and then i think it is fiona then taz....they are at the clinic where nicole works....they don't live there.

nicole...i already added this photo to the book!!


Okay, from that angle, I can't tell which one is Fiona and which one is Taz.


I too use that trick when taking a photo. I'm hoping that one day someone will actually dangle a piece of chocolate above my head to make me more receptive to having my picture taken.