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Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2011

if anyone has any really favorite posts from this blog that you would like to see in the book...can you post which ones in the comments please and thank you!



Hi Carol,

You once posted about Wee Hopeful Bug and also Buddy's and Sissy's story. I'm sorry I can't be more specific but these were wonderful posts. If I find them, I'll post again.



This is about O'Grady and his friendship with Gracie, Belle and Lincoln. I think it is beautiful and reading it over again has made me tear up.

It was one of the table tales at the 3rd annual gala.

Willie C.

I tried to go back and find it but I couldn't. It's the story about the dogs guarding their room from the 'intruder dog' in the middle of the night. It is wonderful! Also, the background stories on the residents - such as Copper, Cole, Ellie, Spot and Spritely.

Ann C

Yes I do, I loved the one about Jelly going in & out, I laugh everytime I think about it.


this is one of my favourites:
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