Rescue Journal


 ·  Feb. 25, 2011

We are fostering Chauncy for Chilliwack Animal Control.

He is a 5 month old little cutie patootie. We are unsure what his breed mix is but he is listed as a gsd/cattle dog mix. I think he has a little bit of everything in him and that is why he is so cute. Chauncy will be a medium sized dog. At the most, he will be 20 inches high and roughly 45 lbs. He is a very shy guy and, thus, gets overwhelmed quickly if there is too much going on around him. But he walked a little down Broadway St. in Vancouver today with me and Patrick and did pretty good so he is adjusting. Chauncy tries so hard to get over his shyness. It is so endearing watching him trying to make friends and not be afraid.


Chauncy gets along well with other dogs. He will initially be afraid of a dog larger than him but figures out very quickly who is a nice a dog and who isn't. He also lives well with other cats. If Chauncy had his way, he wouldn't ever want to leave his home or back yard and he definitely doesn't like traveling in a car. But we are looking for someone who will take him out and about so his world will expand. I think Chauncy would make a fantastic family dog - a family that has children. It has to be the right children - no overly active, prankster type kids. I am looking for a home that has parents who teach their children to respect other beings so they will be respectiful of Chauncy's initial shyness. Chauncy is no longer shy with us and can be somewhat stuborn (he must have hound in him somewhere). He is mellow and not overly active dog so again would make a great family dog.

So if anyone knows of a family looking for a layed back dog (well sometimes he barks and he has a deep bark), please tell them about Chauncy. If anyone would like to learn more about Chauncy, please have them email Oh, and if everyone could look at Indie, Chuancy's mommy's petfinder page, she is looking for a great home too but no kids for her. She is a bit too fearful to hang out with kids. Here is her petfinder page: . I have a soft spot for little chicken girls.



Oh no! I was coming here to msg and see if anyone can cover mp room/office if I can't get out from Surrey tomorrow! It's snowing like crazy here now :(


Uh oh... this also has nothing to do with Chauncy! (he looks very cute though)

My boyfriend had to go up north yesterday and took my car (with my snowtires) and I now have his car for the weekend which is absolutely useless in the snow... right now it looks ok but I heard we are getting a dump tonight and that roads will be very icy and snowy tomorrow... I hope that isn't the case because if it is there's a chance I won't be able to make it out either... who else is on tomorrow (that lives close?!) I don't want anyone stuck by themselves :S


Sorry, this has nothing to do with Chauncy: To weekend house volunteers: I am unable to come tomorrow (Sunday). We have 8" of snow on the ground here in Hope from earlier in the week, and it is snowing heavily again, and supposed to continue overnight, so I don't want to chance the roads in the am. I have emailed Jenn and Carol, and I hope Mission doesn't get too much snow so others can make it in the morning. Sorry to the regulars on Sunday. See you next week.
Carol; how is Sherlock doing? He is such a sweetheart. I hope he is healing fast and doesn't have to be carried outside much longer.