Rescue Journal

no one has to worry...i am feeding and turning out for mo in the morning and then i can come back and do up the is no big deal for me to do the house on my own.

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2011

1.Sorry, this has nothing to do with Chauncy: To weekend house volunteers: I am unable to come tomorrow (Sunday). We have 8? of snow on the ground here in Hope from earlier in the week, and it is snowing heavily again, and supposed to continue overnight, so I don’t want to chance the roads in the am. I have emailed Jenn and Carol, and I hope Mission doesn’t get too much snow so others can make it in the morning. Sorry to the regulars on Sunday. See you next week.
Carol; how is Sherlock doing? He is such a sweetheart. I hope he is healing fast and doesn’t have to be carried outside much longer.

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2.Uh oh… this also has nothing to do with Chauncy! (he looks very cute though)

My boyfriend had to go up north yesterday and took my car (with my snowtires) and I now have his car for the weekend which is absolutely useless in the snow… right now it looks ok but I heard we are getting a dump tonight and that roads will be very icy and snowy tomorrow… I hope that isn’t the case because if it is there’s a chance I won’t be able to make it out either… who else is on tomorrow (that lives close?!) I don’t want anyone stuck by themselves :S

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I hope everything went okay. I heard roads were pretty scary yesterday so props to whoever made it! I miss everyone though, 2 weeks is too long..


I'll post in the morning whether or not I'll be able to make it! I'll keep my fingers crossed the snow slows down!


Also, Ashley and Linda do not think they will be able to make it out either. **The MP room/office/tucker's area and bird area will have no one. Mom can you please give at least Merry a bath. I have made prior plans for tomorrow otherwise I would come out and help with the coverage I was out today though and Sherlock is looking so much better Brenda. He still needs to be carried in and out incase he slips but he seems to be getting better everyday. he has been helping with the laundry ... grabbing it out of the dryer! :)


We all know you can do up the house on your own Carol, but we hope you don't have to! By the way my post should have said 8", not 8? (I'm sure you all figured it wasn't 8 feet of snow)- at least not yet!