Rescue Journal

snow day

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2011

alf in his new home....he looks pretty darn comfy!


we had some problems re-introducing cassie back into the chickens from her stay in the medical room. i wanted to put her in with helga and jerome to even out the numbers a bit but they started fighting right away. then we tried to put her back with the classy chicks but within seconds they were back pecking at her sore toe. so i put her back in helga and jerome's coop but shut her into a cage. last evening when everyone was roosting, i let her out again. today all is fine, there are no problems..cassie is accepted in her new chicken home.

apparently ellie was giving KO a run for her money today out in the barn. i am not sure who won and lost but my bet would be on ellie-mae. maybe KO will post the story in the comment section!

yes we survived the snow day with the weekend warriors able to get here. i am not feeling great so i am off for a nap until barn bed time.

my happy for the day was watching little bambi with her tongue hanging out, bouncing thru the snow...too cute!



ooops sorry renee I wrote the email down wrong my bad.


Hey this is Renee, not Carol. Jen I tried emailing you but it says it failed? Can you email that picture to Carol?? Thanks :)


It was fun watching the 3 of them Ellie sure kept KO and Alison hoping all day.
Also yipee for Alf, he is such a sweet boy who looks like he has made himself right at home.


Renee I have a copy--email me at and I will send it to you.


Hey does anyone have a copy of that picture Shelley took of me and Jesse? Or does anyone have her email so I can see if she has another copy of it?? Thanks!


So now that I have all the Feed cleaned up, Alison and myself wonder where the Pink Princess is now. Back thru the barn we go and finally find her trying to get into the little bag of salt!! Ellie is there anything that you won't get into today. Finally, at the end of the day Ellie has had the best snow day ever and was finally resting under the loafing sheds in the field. Thank you Ellie Mae for making my day at Saints fun and entertaining. She does win and has won the "Pink Princess Snow Day Crown"!!


Ellie decides to go down to the lower field with Alison watching" Make sure you don't slip Ellie Mae". Ellie decides there is nothing to do down there so up she RUNS up the hill. Ellie is quite liking this snow day. As Alison and myself were putting the bags of feed in the feed room, I said I wonder where Ellie is, and Alison opened the door and there she was. She was probably plotting some way to lock us in there so she could get into some trouble! Which Ellie did. I found Ellie in the back yard again with the bag of chicken feed is I was putting in the coop. Ellie did not like that I was trying to get her new toy away from her and that's where the Tug of War started. Ellie did win as she ripped the bag open with feed spilling and me yelling for back up from Alison.Story continues.


My day with Ellie Mae
It starts as normal with "Good Morning Ellie Mae its a beautiful snowy day". I should have known something was up as she looked at me with her one eye open and probably saying "Are you kidding me!!" After awhile Ellie decides that it is time to go out. That is where the day gets interesting. Ellie decided she wants to go into the back yard, I quickly go and make sure the gate is closed so she doesn't end up in the house. I think this is when she decides that I was right and it is a great snow day and let's see what kind of trouble I can get myslelf into. Ellie couldn't decide which field she wanted to be in so she decided that she wanted back in the barn area. I thought she had enough of the snow and wanted back in her bedroom, but what was with the water hose going thru her window, Ellie did not like that so out she goes. She is back and forth thru the barn, out into the back yard again to play in the snow. While she was in the barn she had a little talking to Wilbur and I think she told him this was her day and to get out of her way. Wilbur being the gentleman that he is let Ellie pass thru.


aww, im happy for alf, what a long road home. will be bringing a donated washing machine with me next saturday am, will put in the shop.