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it occurs to me....

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2011

that there are a million and a half things about running and maintaining saints in my head that no one else knows. and why do they not know? because i haven't thought to sit down and download information from my head into other heads.
so..i am going to start a series of saints 101..the how's, the why's, the wherefore's...

let's start from the ground from my head is about to begin.....

there are 4 basic ground covers at saints...grass, hogfuel, sand and gravel...each area is specifically set out in a particular area to meet a different set of needs. grass is to eat, hogfuel is to be soft and dry for their feet, sand is for them to roll in, and gravel is for high traffic areas to cut back on the mud.

each of those areas has to work in conjunction with another hog fuel area drains out in to the gravel area which is shallow trenched or even just mildly graded to drain into the sand areas or out onto the grass.

if we put gravel onto grass areas..the grass will not grow. if we put sand onto gravel areas, we lose the hard pack high traffic zones, if we put hogfuel, gravel or sand into trenches or graded sloping areas to make everything even or fill in the muddy drainage area...the water has no where to drain to and all areas get and stay soaking wet. and then our barn animals feet start to rot.

if hay is left on grass, gravel sand or starts to break down...each layer of decomposing hay creates another layer of mud. grass can't grow in the spring where there are layers of decomposing hay. it messes up the soils PH and with no grass comes more mud and nowhere to graze. and since the barnyard is full of grazing animals...this becomes a real drag. hay on the gravel areas does the same thing, except instead of grass not growing, its decomposing ruins the hardpack and turns it into mud and then we have lost and have to re-build the roads.

so to avoid barn animals with rotting feet and no where to graze, and to avoid high traffic areas that become a muddy mess.....we have our specific ground covers...grass, hogfuel, sand and gravel with shallow trenches or mild grades....they are not interchangable. each product is unique in it's make up to accomplish a unique set of goals.

a word about trenching and grading...this is done to drain excess water into preplanned and limited may be a shallow muddy trench in the riding ring..but it has done its job in draining the greater expanse of the riding ring...and usually when the rain stops the properly graded trench eventually dries up. we should maintain this trench or graded area by occasionally raking the top muddy layer out, it defeats it's purpose if we grab any handy ground product and fill it in to the top.

now most folks are probably bored to tears with this...but this info is important in barn yards and fields everywhere but especially in rescue. every year a lot of time and money goes into repairing grass, hogfuel, sand and gravel areas....we could cut back on this if we maintain each area with the proper product in the physical way it was designed and built. good, knowledgable maintenence keeps our little barn yards functioning efficiently and well. complete..if anyone has any questions or would like some more information, please let me know.



Zoe that sounds aweful I am glad you are feeling ok. if you are not feeling up to it please do not push yourself. we need you strong and healthy. Take Care.


glad to hear you are alright zoe. we missed you but will see you next weekend. make sure you take care of yourself. i can only imagine what you went through. hugs. give sugar a hug also.


no that was right...the under cover areas in the riding ring are hog did fine!


Hey everyone...

So I was at the hospital at 7am Sunday with the most unbearable abdomen pain I've ever experienced. After morphine IVs, blood tests and an ultrasound found out I have an intestine infection... now I've been puking my guts out and all other kinds of fun stuff. I also need to be careful because some extra fluid around my appendix, could lead to needing that taken out. The doctor prescribed percocets for the pain, and I must say they are helping :)

My mom was making fun of me because lying in the hospital bed groaning and occasionally screaming in pain, all I kept talking about was hurrying this along so I could make it in to SAINTS... so I was there in spirit! Trust me, you guys would not want to chance catching this stomach flu from HELL. I hope everyone had a good weekend! (At least better than mine!) See you next week.

Oh ya, and I had to raise my fundraising goal for pub night. I originally said I'm trying for 250$ but I think I'm going to double it to 500$!


Oh Yea.. Dionne if you are reading this..everyone but Gideon was wormed on sunday... I forgot to do it in the before I turned out & Gideon Knew something was up & was not about to let me catch him...& his is too old to stress out by trying to .. he'll not be able to get away from me in his stall.

Has anyone seen the calendar that used to be in the feed room ?


Hi Nicole

Hog fuel is correct and I am probably partially responsible for the gravel getting put in an area that carol is referring too... I seem to remember having a short conversation with someone about that area & discussing wether something should be done...but I am a bit like Carol in the sense that my brain is often thinking of a ton of stuff & I am also someone who needs to think things out before I move forward...after making a ton of wrong decisions in my life...I try to think slower now...Lol

Nicole N

I have questions on the groundcovers:

In the shelter areas, where the hay goes into the feeders (sorry, I do not know the proper names for everything) - anyway, there was a deep hole in each. I asked what goes in to fill the holes because essentially, they were filling with pee and yes, cow paddies and becoming a mushy, muddy, smelly mess. I was told hog fuel. So, this is what I filled the two holes with... was this wrong to do?

I am so sorry if it was...

Carol this is how it works. the corn syrup is for when they are too is for when they are disoriented and unble or unwilling to eat. the corn syrup jacks up their bloodsugars quickly to bring them around enough so they can and will eat. if you think one of the diabetics is low..offer them a bowl of food first. it is their regular food that will slowly bring up their bloodsugars but keep it up for longer too. so with angel yesterday morning...i gave her 12 cc or corn syrup to bring her back enough to eat...then i gave her can of high protein cat food with a bit of high protein puppy food mixed in AND i held her morning insulin because i wasn't going to be here to watch her for the day.

so here it is in a nutshell...if you think someone's bloodsugars are low..try to give them a full bowl of canned food first..if they eat it, great.
if they don't, use the cornsyrup to bring their bloosugars up but then follow up with the canned food to keep their bloodsugar up.

angel is fine...i have reduced her insulin dose and we will see how she does. you guys did a great job of monitering her and making sure she was ok. it is better to have her bloodsugars go too high, then it is to go too low. the too high longterm (like weeks to months) may kill her...but too low is can be deadly within a few hours.


carol i hope angel is doing ok, lynne and i decided to jack her sugar level again today(im sure you got my whiteboard note)...just wondering if shes alright. i realize what can happen if we dont help her, but it is possible to help too much? im concerned about becoming paranoid and giving her too much, or when not actually needed.