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on lock down...

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2011

various animals present unique problems at various times..this is a nice way of saying certain freaking animals are driving me insane. last week the cassie chicks were pecking on one of their sisters toes. we pulled her out and let it heal and then put her back. 30 seconds later the hags are pecking at it again.
so we pulled her out and put her in with the nice chickens, helga and jerome.

someone started pecking on her head and it was a bloody mess so now cassie the chicken that everyone picks on is healing in a cage in the shop.

floyd is also causing big problems out in his chicken coop..edwina has gone to nest faking a month long headache to escape his amourous attentions. since edwina is indisposed, floyd started going after helga the chicken...she was afraid to come out of her house because floyd the maniac duck was just waiting for her. i called all of our vets..none of them will neuter him. grhhh! so now we have to alternate everyone out and floyd in, then floyd out and everyone else in til bedtime...once they are in bed, he generally leaves them alone.

brent is going to work on predator proofing one of the other outside pens so that floyd can eventually be made to live alone.

i am so not a fan of barnyard birds right now...they are a pain in the ass.



its an issue with the shelter challenge website, everyone is having this problem. firefox and safari work but explorer wont.

Jane Stanley

I wonder how many Votes you have lost. I am getting the same "timed out" message.


Tried again this morning. Went in through the link on the blog. As soon as I click 'vote' it gives me the 'error occured - session timed out' message.


I just voted with no problem. I had just opened a new window though to check out Saints Blog and clicked the button on Blog page.


Brent is suggesting that we post a little sign on Floyd's new coup "Redemption Island" (this season's survivor). Apparently Edwina had two votes. Floyd - the tribe has spoken.


i also have been timed out for three days.i have emailed the site and hope to hear some reply monday?


I still keep getting 'timed out' too. Tried refreshing. Didn't help. Considering that for the past year or so the site has been showing 'This is the shelter you voted for last time' and I just had to click 'vote' this is seriously weird.


I just read a blurb from 2009 on Chemical castration for barnyard fowl. Sounds interesting, but kind of expensive because it only last 6 - 12 months. This was in Australia, so not sure if they do it here.


Nevermind...Chewy's house is open. Was just thinking he could stare at the classy chicks all day.


I just voted - took a few seconds. Have you tried to refresh your screens. Just a guess, might work, might not.


i live near an empty lot, quite often ppls dumping place. today i happen to notice clear corragated fiberglass sheets (not whole but good sizes) yknow, lots of ppl cover their porch roofs with it, and some sheets of tin, like what one would use on the outside of a shed. have you any use for this stuff? i was thinking maybe a roof for the outside cat run...if no i wont go get it but if yes...


I'm still getting the 'timed out' when trying to vote. No matter what time of the day. Haven't been able to vote for 3 days.