A New Challenge for ADOPT PHOEBE Pub Night Fundraiser - March 26

 ·  Mar. 8, 2011

Hey everyone, I have some great news. An anonymous donor has given the SAINTS volunteers and supporters a challenge. This donor will match every dollar raised up to $5000.00 so that Phoebe will finally become Phoebe Rose Hine, What does that mean? It means if we can raise $5000.00, than the donor will donate $5000.00 to the pub night. That means Carol will have to adopt Phoebe and SAINTS will get much needed funds for medications and vet treatments for the saintly SAINTS.




I just recd a cheque in the mail from Telus for about $31 and I think lots of Telus customers are getting this due to some CRTC ruling... I will be donating this to SAINTS... perhaps others think this is a good use of these " found " monies too !!

I'm confused to & have the same thought process as Bunny... just Raise as much as I can.


No we don't know what the total is. We aren't going to tally up the amount until the day of the event - that way we keep everyone - including ourselves what the total is going to be.


Yay Phoebe.
Phoebe Rose Hine, what a beautiful name.
If I had only known this a couple of days ago I would have made things a little different.

Bunny Horne

Wow, this got complicated. I'm just trying to raise as much money as I possibly can. It matters not to me who gets adopted. Carol can adopt me, after all she has some Bunny's in her care, what's one more.


what? so we are raising 10000 to haave phoebe adopted by carol. right?


Ok but I was going by what YOU said Sheila and that is what is incidated in the poster; Caro posted that after you hadd already outlined the premise of teh event. So I think we need to go with what the poster says and what you posted as the event outline so based on carol's comment.


I am getting confused by all this also so I just went back to Carol's words on my first post about this event.

2."NOOOOO!!!! i meant you guys had to raise at least 10 grand to make me adopt phoebe, not the other way around!!!!…. are you freaking crazy!!??? i can’t raise that kind of money and i am not adopting phoebe!!!!!!!"

So I am sticking by what my fearless leader says we need to raise 10 grand to make her adopt Phoebe


thays what i thought too. so what is it , to save carol from adopting phoebe or having her adopt her. have to make that clear.


mmmm yes the matching part makes sense but just to be clear-- we have to raise $10,000 to SAVE carol from having to adopt pheobe if we only raise $8,000 she must adopt pheobe.


It is, but if we raise $5,000, the anonymous donor will match our $5000 and we will have $10,000. Of course, we can still raise more than $5000. $10,000 would be great but the anonymous donor can only go up to $5000. If we raise $10,000, we still get $5,000 which would give SAINTS 15,000. If we only raise $4,000 then the donor will match the $4000 and we would end up with $8,000. Does that make sense.