Rescue Journal

not a great day...

Carol  ·  Mar. 9, 2011

i woke up on the wrong side of the bed with a headache on the wrong day of the month in the wrong year of my life! it put me in a bad mood.
then the internet crapped out and it took 2 phone calls to shaw plus many trips under the desk to sort thru peed on cords til the internet was back on.
next my cell phone died cuz i forgot to recharge it.,
and...our little white puffy puppy got into the xpen surrounding the gas fireplace and melted the fur along her side.
now she looks like a half roasted marshmellow and that just pisses me off every single time i look at her....mystic almost got hurt!
( she is fine, only her fluffy fur got burned.... good thing she is going to the groomers tomorrow!)



Try not to shave her Carol, it can change her fur. If they can save her combed out fur, do it. If we save enough I can spin it and maybe make something with it.


no...i am trying someone in mission...i don't have time to take her to langley but i wish i did cuz then i wouldn't worry. and when i booked the appointment all she needed was a decent combing out but now that her fur is melted, i am not sure what they will do. i did not want to have to shave her, it changes the texture of their fur.


gotta puppy proof! poor mystic ... is she going to sam? I wonder what she'll do to her I can't wait to see--maybe a lion cut that would be cute