Rescue Journal

heads up to the weekend volunteers...

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2011

A. i am not responsible for whatever gawd awful mass destruction sherlock makes in his room after i leave for work. he is bored out of his gord and he is amusing himself by ripping the shit out of his world.


B. if you hear gawd awful screaming coming from underneath mystic's butt..just ignore it. it will be mini me under there having a fit. she sounds totally pissed off but she is in fact playing with the giant puffy one...they play for hours with mini me screaming in poor mystics ear..until mystic sits on her...then she screams at her butt.

C. THIS IS IMPORTANT! there are holes all long the fence line in the bottom not take the little dogs down there unless there are enough people to watch them all like hawks. is brent here this weekend that maybe he can fix up that wire? the snow screwed up the wire plus renee said it looks like an animal was trying to dig in under the wire in a few places is mostly along the neighbors driveway side, but all of it has to be checked.



yes anne he did! we have a professional tie...i knew i had heard of your business before. i ll be sure to make up for my shortcomings next week no worries. have a great weekend!


Well, this has nothing to do with not wanting to deal with the back cat area or anything else - but I may not be in in the am. I have a touch of something? (stomach off, sleeping a lot today, and a hell of a headache). I will see how I am in the morning, and if better, will be there for sure, but I am apologizing now if I don't show up. Really sorry - I do hope to wake up refreshed and ready to go! It is the highlight of my weekend to come to SAINTS. I'm off to lie down again now.

Ann C

Thanks for the warning Erin, but sorry it will not save you from a blog lashing!! I will be sure to report all of your short comings to team leader Brenda, don't worry though when Lynne does her inspection after I've finished cleaning, I'll be the one in the dog house. Ha ha ha Have a great week, did your hubby tell you that I met him last week?


everything is fine you guys..thx for working with no power/no water initially...that sucks!
and thx for the sandwich lynne...i had lunch on the way home so i fed it to my starving daughter who spends all day til almost 5 at her moms house goofing with the animals where there is no human food!
i so suck as a mother...but thx for feeding my babe!


not tattling on you erin but you did say too bad for brenda. i had to clarify it was ann doing the cat room so it was really her you had to say sorry to. lol carol hope you got my tuna sandwich if not to your likeing i am sure one of the doggies would like it. also do not forget to put your clock ahead 1 hour tonight. had a good day today ran really smoothly. also dianne gave angel some cat food as she was quite lethargic. sure picked her up. wonder when she is going to clue in that it is a good thing to be lethargic, it pays off in food. lol see you tomorrow.


just so you know anne(and carol), my cleaning job today wasnt as good as usual, i was in a rush, and we had no power for the first hour. so if you notice tomm that the cat area isnt up to its usual standard, your right, and its my bad, im sorry. (i will admit it before lynne tattles on me heehee). also my o my annie is the sweetest little thing! shes a bit like jingles, loves to be loved.


Now the Mini Me thing makes sense. Last Sunday I "thought" I was rescuing her from the Great Puffy One, she was screaming her lungs out. The retrieved her from under a pile of fluff, took her to the house and put her through the pet door. By the time I got back to the fence gate to return to the barn area Mini was right on my heels. I guess Carol is right, it's all about Mini ME. Look at ME screaming my guts out.


Brent is on site next Saturday and Sunday. Saturday to work on Floyd's redemption island home AND now to work on the holes along the fence line. If there's anything special that he needs to bring to do the job let us know and we'll make sure we have everything to get the job done.