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i don't like to ask but...

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2011

we need some money asap. half of the pepsi money came plus a grant from the vancouver foundation ($15,500 in total) but that went straight onto our existing vet bills. so we actually have no cash. which would be fine as this is nothing new or upsetting because our vets let us keep charging whenever someone needs vet care.

BUT...that dog from the pound is not at our vets. she is at a clinic out in the valley where we do not have charge accounts. and she is very ill. she is currently in ketoacidosis from untreated diabetes which is life threatening in and of itself. she also is in the midst of a severe attack of pancreatitis which is not making her diabetes troubles any better.

i spoke with the vet today..he feels with aggressive treatment she could return to a good quality of life for now (she is a very old shepherd cross) he says it will cost between $1500-$2000 depending on how long she will need to be hospitalized. i don't have credit card is max'd and my personal accounts are drained..i don't have the money right now to give to saints for her. ( i should have done my income tax earlier!!!)

if the vet had said it would only cost a couple of hundred dollars to help her get better, that would have been great (but not likely.) if a couple of hundred won't save her but a couple of thousand would..i think she deserves to get whatever treatment it is that she needs.

sorry to be asking...if she had come in last week, we could have used some of the pepsi money for her vet bill and not put it all on the overdue accounts..but she didn't come in last week...she came in this week when the first lot of the pepsi money is all gone and the second lot is not due for a couple of months.

if anyone can spare an extra $10 or $20 and pop it into paypal for us... or if you want, you can put the donation directly on her bill at Cottonwood Animal hospital out in Chilliwack (let me know tho so we can send you a tax receipt) with a little bit here and there, hopefully enough will accumulate so i can pay her bill in a week or so when she is ready to come home.

sorry to ask.

oh and the new old sick girl needs a name, so let the naming begin...i am too whacked out of both names and funds this time around.

EDITED TO ADD: Please don't take money that is earmarked for the pub night and switch it to donating to this event. Remember that whatever we raise for that event will be matched by our anonymous donor and to donate $100 here means we loose out on an $100 extra the night of. Sorry that should have been stated clearly in the above post.



You need to put a Paypal button on this site!

Also an address to send silent auction items would be helpful :)


Bunny Horne please contact me if you are willing and able to do a hooking of my dog! As a spinner I can so appreciate the time you put into your work and would love to have one of your pieces. No rush!

amyswaterworks AT telus DOT com

Elisabeth Ellis

Another $50 should be coming your way for Katie via paypal. It's great to see all the support!

Jennifer Eskes

Just donated $75 via paypal for the vet bill.
You can send a receipt to the address on my paypal payment.


not to worry is ok. we just do not want any more of the pub money heading that way. $2000 in pub money will actually be $4000 with the matching grant and that will be a nice down payment of the remaining vet bills for all of our other guys which is currently sitting at just over $18,000 (still owing and with more to come!). i picked up the meds for lahanie, czar and gideon today...a 21 day regime of once a day each dosing of baytril was a whopping $ is no wonder the vet bills are killing us...these guys are freaking expensive to provide with medical care but what do you do?..the last round of cheaper antibiotics did not clear up the staph infection that they are passing back and forth.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Sheila and Carol, sorry that we reacted so swiftly to making a contribution directly to the vet, but we read panic into the blog entry this morning and wanted to do whatever we could for this dog. I work two jobs because times are tough. Unfortunately the funds directed to the vet clinic were the funds I had designated for the pub night. I have been rug hooking for money because I don't have extra disposable income. I did ask the vet clinic to email a copy of the receipt to my attention and they advised they would do that. Sheila I trust this will be sufficient for your purposes.


I have made a small donation via Canadahelps - I think Dawn's suggestion of the name Willow is lovely, a poor elderly homeless nameless girl would love it too I think.


I know I am a downer - but when a donation goes straight to a vet's office and not a cash donation to SAINTS - it becomes a gift in kind donation. A gift in kind donation (and these are revenue canada rules) requires a receipt. So for those who are making a donation to the vets please make sure you get a receipt from the vets and then hand in that said receipt to saints to receive a tax receipt.


i like the name crystal meaning positive energy and light. it is spiritual and maykbe we can give her back some goodness and hope for her remaining time. just a suggestion. not to take away from the fundraiser but i too have some pledges if better gone this way. i am sure phoebe will understand.

Jess Boston

I am a blog reader in Boston, and I have been admiring SAINTS from afar for a few months - I feel honored to be able to contribute (via Paypal) to help with this pup's care. Please let us know how things go! Thanks to Carol and all of the volunteers for the important work that you do!!

Corey Haaff

just put two hundred on my credit card directly with the clinic, pls carol, send my a tax receipt when time allows


I have $400 raised so far for pub night, I have it here and can bring it in early if it's needed! Let me know!


I'm so sorry but I can't chip in just now. My own old dog is having dental surgery next Friday and I just gave a donation to Japan animal rescue. I'm tapped.

As an aside, I did donate $50 towards the pub night through paypal. There was no where to specify that it was for pub night that I could see. That was a few weeks back.


I'll be depositing $837.87 in the Saints bank account tomorrow from the Guardian Angels

Bunny Horne

Carol, I just called the Clinic directly and posted a payment on my credit card from both Brent and I.

These were funds that we were planning to give at the fund raiser but both Brent and I decided to divert them to this doggie's vet bills.

Brent - $100
Bunny - $200 (from the rug hooking projects)

If you check with them they should be able to confirm that they've received that transaction.

For anyone else as an FYI the phone # is

The tax receipts can be given to us any time when we are on site.

Hope this helps.


anyone donating via paypal, please add a note that it's for the chilliwack dog.