Rescue Journal

ok...update on Katie

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2011

this is the sick dog at chilliwack...she has an untraceable microchip that is out of date with no forwarding address or telephone number...but at least she has her name back..katie is a nice name.

i took a quick trip (aka 90 minutes there and back) to go up and meet her. i like to have a face attached to my worries..she has a beautiful face.
i can't get a feel for her personality..she is just too sick to have any personality right now..just a furry and panting mass of "i feel like total crap!" please katie be a nice dog, we have no room for any more pain in the asses right now.

so far, in only a few guys have banded together and donated $1305.00 for her (i am updating this amount as soon as i see a new donation come in!)! that brings tears to my eyes...such kindness and generosity for one old, very sick and homeless mixed breed dog... katie is a very lucky girl and you guys totally ROCK!!!!!

i will keep you updated on how she does and the total that comes in..fingers crossed for now that she gets better...she is safe, you guys are caring for her, lucky girl.

in other news...floyd is not happy. he feels he has been unfairly accused. i think like most criminals everywhere..floyd thinks he is innocent of any real wrong doing. and he is totally pissed right off at being labelled and segragated as a deviant duck. life sucks buttercup..edwina and the chickens are happier without you.

apparently the new 22 year (?) old border collie cross "Blue" that is coming today, is a total blind and deaf dick-head. he is currently hanging out with nicole at the clinic until she can transfer him out here tonight. she has suggested that i put him in the office for now to keep the volunteers bitey bites hard!
oh just gotta love an utterly ancient, blind and deaf biting dog...he may be wrecked but he ain't no door mat either! he bites if you touch his back end, and he bites if you try to take something away from him and he likes to lift his leg and piss all over the house.
prince charming is soon arriving at saints!...hmmm..i wonder if he would like living with a deviant duck????

the smoke inhalation chicks have moved onwards and upwards into their new life..Ginger is apparently now George so yes KO you were right our baby red hen was a baby red rooster instead! he is going to be a very BIG boy. Roni also said that the cassie chicken's swollen butt is from a prolapse..we have to watch it carefully for infection and in case the other chickens start pecking her but it should heal fine on its own. nice to have a chicken expert visit here once in awhile. henny, camilla and george...enjoy your new knowledgable and very kind home!


The Lady

ha ha!! The Aussie is quite lovely, just a nervous wreck in the shelter (and now a quivering mass of fear as he faces the wrath of the TWoo!) I couldn't imagine a better place for a grumpy old goat like Blue than your place, where he can feel free to be the old arsehole that he is ;-) Plus Dex is very grateful to have his life back!!

I really thought they were crazy to say he was 22, but having met him ... I dunno! He's sure way older than 12! He just may be that ancient!


lol...sorry he wounded you..i have a ton of muzzles..somewhere..i just have to find them! he will be fine here, we are used to old assholes...only the good die young or so they say! good luck with the three year old aussie..i'd rather have blue toddering around!

The Lady

"Mr Charming" indeed! Rescue a dog and the massive wound on my hand is the thanks I get! I hope he's not too much trouble Carol, thanks a million for taking him on. Moving him to you opened a space for me to take in a 3 year old Aussie boy today from the SPCA, so we both thank you!


ok keep us posted on katie. if we have to make up money let us know and see what we can do. always willing to help an old and senior dog. katie is a good name. hopefully she is a good dog.