Rescue Journal

one not.

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2011

first for the not.
i forgot how bad old uneutered cat pee smells..i just put the mp building to bed and as soon as i walked in..i remembered. it is pretty close to overwhelming skunk...yuck.

now for the funny.
laura phoned me tonight...i could hear her dogs barking in the background. i quite liked that someone elses house sometimes sounded like a kennel. so i cheerfully said..."hey! your house sounds like my house!"

laura said.."i am at your house, i am with the mp guys."
oh. maybe thats not really all that funny either.



It was funny the first time and I laughed again when I read it. I was in the mp bldg talking to Reggie about his trial he goes on today....this sounds like a good set up for you be a good boy...Reggie really is a very sweet boy when he gets quiet 1 on 1 time...I hope this will be his forever ya Reg and yes you will be missed.


Nevermind- we aren't leaving until 2 now, so Sunday will be fine! Just ignore that last post lol


Weekend Warriors-

Just wondering if someone would like to trade my Sunday shift so I can come in Saturday instead. It's my bf and I's anniversary and I just found out today he planned a special day for Sunday... if no one can I will still come in but I'd rather switch if possible so I won't be so rushed! Let me know. Again, no pressure though :) Thanks!