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Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2011

reggie AND raggety annie both went out on one week trials today (sigh..i was getting attached to that little puff-a-lump!)

mac is back from the vets..he got kicked out of the clinic pretty early cuz he stinks so bad. i should have named him pepe la pew!

chica is cleared to come home tonight after her big dental surgery so i will be leaving in a few minutes to pick her up in maple ridge.

i went out to see katie...i knew the vet was pretty close to putting her down this morning, she was virtually comatose. she has rallied a bit this afternoon and while still not able to get up...she is awake and alert so now he is thinking as long as she holds her own, we can go thru with her til monday. much of her bloodwork is improved. her WBC is normal again (the infection is being controlled) her blood glucose levels have dropped from 38 to a respectable 9 which is really good, her amylase while still in the 6000's has dropped a bit too... BUT her creatinine and her BUN are starting to go high and this is with a ton of fluids running thru her so it may mean she is heading for total renal shut down...this would be the end for her.

bottom line is...we still do not know which way she will go, but as the vet said...she has been sick for a VERY long time...pulling her half destroyed remains out of the fire is not going to be easy. ahh katie, you are a good girl and we will stand with you cuz hope will float til it sinks.



katie was a stray picked up by animal control (she was barking at and scaring some people outside of a school....her bloodsugars were thru the roof so this was not her makes them crazy just before they crash and the AC staff knew it wasn't her fault once they knew she was ill) she has an untraceable chip...out of date phone number, out of date address...the chip is a dead end. no one came looking for her for the 5 days of her impound. animal control sent her to the vets but the seriousness of her condition (and the high costs to save her) are too much for municipal animal controls to absorb. her impound is over and she now belongs solely to SAINTS. and that is fine with me because that dog has been seriously ill for much longer than the past week. the best thing that has happened to her lately was landing in chilliwack animal control...those guys are awesome. the vet said another day or two and she would have been dead.


How did Katie come to be where she is? Obviously, since she is chipped she had an owner at some point or was with a rescue that chips their dogs. Did the owner die/fall on hard times etc? Or was this person some kind of major suckweasle and thus we need to be sticking pins in dolls named after him/her?

Bunny Horne

I concur with Barbara T and Lynne - come on Katie, give us the opportunity to meet you, to play with you, walk in the lower pasture with you, chase you out of the riding ring and tend to your every need. You CAN do this girl. Our prayers are with you.


good luck reggie and raggedy annie hope all works out for you. come on katie you can do it we all want to meet you at saints and give you much loving and cuddles. praying for you.

Barbara T

Katie, come on girl there are so many pulling for you. You can do this and we are all behind you. You have such a fabulous place to go to when you feel better.
S.A.I.N.T.S will welcome you with open arms just as soon as you are healthly enough to leave the clinic.