Rescue Journal

sometimes you just have to readjust your thinking to find some peace inside.

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2011

for the past few weeks, it is my bed that has really been upsetting me.

i am so tired of sharing it with leaky, muddy, pain in the ass dogs, i am tired of changing it, washing it...feeling abused because of it...just generally pissed off.

so i did something about it...i bought all brand new, easy to wash stuff..and doubles of it too. one can be on the set can be in the wash.

last night at midnight i finally got around to stripping it down and setting it up. i did not even have the top sheet fully adjusted before merry, who was joyfully rolling around, leaked some urine while having such fun.

i lost it!
"OMG! i cannot believe you wrecked it already! i wasn't even done setting it up! ALL OF YOU GET OFF MY BED,...NOW! jeezuz you guys..i have a right to a nice bed! that is it you are all off of it forever!"

they all got off and sat on the floor and the dog beds, looking at me and upset because i was upset. i stripped the first set off and tossed it in the wash and put on the second set. i moved the steps away so they couldn't get up.

once it was nice again...i went to bed by myself.

joey jumped up without the steps..fine..he has black hair but at least he won't leak. jerry jumped up next, he didn't need the steps either. ok he bites but i can deal with that. mystic was next with her dry but dirty feet. there was no way i was going to be able to stop her from getting up so i let her be.

so a few had gotten up but the others couldn't..not without me to lift them or the steps for them to use on their own. and then it started....all around every side of the bed. little heads popping up and down, over and over like that arcade game of popping up gophers that you beat over the heads with a rubber mallet as soon as they pop out of their holes.

except i didn't have the rubber mallet to pop them back in their holes.


it was funny at first, watching them pop up and down..then i got worried that maybe one of the ancient little beasts would have a heart attack from all of the popping around.

grhhh! i put the stairs back and let them back up. the last thing i needed was a bunch of upset and dead dogs surrounding my bed.

and then it occurred to thinking was wrong.

this was their bed that they shared with me and i stopped being pissed off.



Too funny...cause that is exactly what I tell people on my tours...this is the bed buddies king size bed and by the way the are nice enough to let Carol sleep here too! lol


LOL! Carol you made me laugh out loud! I am so aware of how it feels to see "whack-a-mole" around my bed! Thank you for the smile today.