Rescue Journal

heads up for this weekend!

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2011

brenda can't come on sunday..she is doing a one to one with a hospitalized client.

maude and esther both have shaved patches on their sides...someone for sure took a chunk out of maude (if i figure out who it was they might just die!)..esthers i think is a hot spot. anyway they are both being treated but try to get them to keep the areas clean...if they get into mud out by the barn, there is hibitane in the feed room to give them a quick clean.

also for the barn guys..we are now out of both recoverexx and regenerexx...both are on back order. i bought some other stuff..can't remember what it is called..but it has glucosamine and MSM in the tub and is virtually the same type of is for ellie and pops.

FOR MO: don't worry about the horses new meds..they are just once a day in the evening so i will do them when i put to bed.

blue can go out for runs..but he has not met jesse yet so that might be a problem.

for the inside folks...chica had many tooth extractions...she will need very generous canned feedings for now.

and an update on katie...not much to tell..last i heard this morning she was holding her own. i won't be able to see her this weekend..i am on the early morning shift and i will have to put the barn guys to bed when i get home. i will try to see her on monday after work..hopefully she has turned the corner and will be close to coming home.
and another $200 came in today to help with katies vet bill so we are up to $1505 donated thus far..thank you all so very much! i haven't asked what the bill is currently sitting at now...considering all of the care (i am not sure if they have gotten her onto a long acting insulin yet or if she is still getting short acting every hour), the tons of IV fluids she is sucking up and the daily bloodwork to moniter for changes so they can make the multiple med adjustments needed..quite frankly..i am afraid to ask. right now..ignorance is bliss. i do know that if she was in one of the emergency clinics her bill would be creeping up to at least 4 or 5 grand.



hi ashley...bring it might be good for the bottom field patching...thx!!!!


Carol, did you ever see my post the other day about the wire? I have some very gently used stuff. About 50ft or so, softer, pliable wire, not the tough stuff I brought before. I can bring it on sunday. If you have a use for it great, if not I can haul it away again :)